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Couples Retreats

Why Are Mindful Retreats Beneficial to Relationships?


We have a long-standing practice of "escaping from it all" and traveling on vacation, leaving the stresses of daily life behind and spending quality time together as a couple, but now we have even more reasons to get away.

Recent research indicates that couples who travel together are much more likely to remain together than those who don't; vacationing together will not only provide a relaxing retreat, but it will also bring you closer together as a couple (and we're always excited to hear about reasons to plan our next trip!). Listed below are some reasons why Tantra Retreats (learning, traveling, and vacationing) are so beneficial for your relationship.

Couples retreats
Reconnection and disconnection

Forest dwellers have tea and coffee beside a lagoon. One of the hallmarks of a perfect trip is hanging out in a hammock with your significant other. How long has it been since you weren't able to connect to the web at all? We are always listening for the dreaded "ping," which might mean anything from a new text message, email, WhatsApp message, tweet, Facebook notice, phone call, Instagram update, and on and on. Taking a break from each other and the world around you might help you reconnect with yourself.

Fitting into a New Docking Space

There may be a correlation because it has been demonstrated that altering one's surroundings right before bed may greatly enhance the quality of one's sleep. The same artwork on the wall, the same crack in the ceiling, and the same bedside alarm clock that you stared at on sleepless nights all contribute to the comforting familiarity of your bedroom, even if it isn't a place of constant turmoil. Being in an unfamiliar setting helps you forget about the things that are keeping you from your one true goal, which is to go to sleep peacefully.

Entails letting go of blame and discovering acceptance


Guilt is one of the greatest barriers to learning the discipline of relaxing. We often choose "more productive" things to do instead of being still because we think that will make us feel better right away. Instead of considering sleep as a basic necessity for preserving health, pleasure, and productivity, we perceive it as something we must "earn" before receiving it. Are you revitalised after your journey? Things entail not only not feeling bad about taking it easy and appreciating the sea air and sunshine, but also not having to. Every relationship needs recharging and quality time together, which is exactly what a trip provides.


Believe in Each Other: Share Knowledge and Experience

Sharing uncertainty is part of the healing process, and although we depend on one another for psychological reactions, we don't need to rely on each other as much after our daily routines have been established. Many aspects of a trip, from the actual trip itself to dealing with language barriers, deciphering maps, understanding menus, driving in unfamiliar cities, and seeing well-known landmarks, require a different set of skills than those you normally use at home. You'll grow closer as a couple as you learn to depend on and assist one another

Couples retreat
Being Disingenuous with One Another

Play, which we usually associate with children, and which is often considered "moronic" or "frivolous," is encouraged by the responsibility of maturity because it gives them a chance to temporarily escape the responsibilities of adulthood and focus solely on having fun with their closest friends. For us, gaming is a social event on par with the excitement of waiting for your arrival at the airport on New Year's Eve, engaging in water sports or adventure activities, or drinking too much and laughing and kissing like teenagers. You shouldn't have gotten closer because they forgot or undervalued you as an adult.

Creating a shared history of happy times

There's something quite romantic about taking in a spectacular vista from up high, swimming under a mighty waterfall in a foreign setting, or watching the sun go down on a white sand beach while waves gently lap at your feet. Although it may seem like a cliche, a significant part of the charm of these getaways lies in the fact that partners strengthen their bond via shared experiences and the making of lasting memories.



An Expression of Appreciation for Your Partner

By exposing yourself and your partner to new experiences, you may both grow as individuals. Do you remember how you and your lover used to talk for hours about anything and everything in the early stages of your relationship? Traveling and unwinding together is good for your relationship since it forces you both out of your usual routines and comfort zones. You can show your partner that you're still interested in learning about them, that you're growing as a couple, and that you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat by asking for their opinion on something as simple as a new meal they ordered, a portrait you saw at an art exhibit, or even the neighbourhood you live in.




Reconnecting with your spiritual self is one of the many benefits of attending a retreat. Many of us have a spiritual side that entails being rooted, empathetic, focused, and aware of our mission, even if we don't "do" religion. The mental and emotional benefits of making the effort to get in touch with a forgotten part of ourselves are real.

Even if it's only for the weekend, turning off all electronic devices and focusing on internal activities might help us feel less overwhelmed and more in control of our frantic, adrenaline fuelled feelings. If you're feeling disconnected from what matters most, a retreat might help you refocus and gain confidence in your next steps.

All of this and more may be done on the Best Tantra Couples Retreat hosted by the Academy of Modern Tantra (AOMT), and you are warmly invited to take this extraordinary journey into this powerful zone, a gateway to light and awareness. Take in the stunning landscapes of Brazil's Central Plateau and soak in the restorative spirit that permeates the area.

Join us as we explore this beautiful natural area through hikes, waterfalls, experiences, and treatments. The goal of the trip is to encourage people to live in a more conscious, spiritual, and integrated way.

Couples Retreats London


Many of us are struggling in our relationships. Problem-solving ability varies greatly across humans. People like us who can't work through our problems usually end up splitting up. Divorce should be a last resort, nevertheless. If both partners are willing to put in serious effort, it is possible to preserve the marriage. Going on a couples retreat might be a great approach to repairing a strained relationship.


Why Retreats are Important?

There is a question from many couples, must we always take a trip if we want to spend time together as a couple? The answer is “Yes” because most of us are working couples, and the monotony of our job and daily life may take a toll on the passion between us. Going on a couples retreat is a great way to rekindle the passion in your relationship.


Choose a location that provides perfect anonymity as your escape. If you do not want to go far or do not have the time, consider couples retreat in London. Keep in mind that you don’t need a typical beach holiday where you will join tens of thousands of people having a good time. What you're doing is attempting to salvage your marriage or relationship. For this reason, you should choose a quiet, private spot where you can offer your spouse your undivided attention. When there aren't a lot of other people around, it's easier to give your whole attention to your significant other. We all want to be the center of someone's attention, regardless of our age or how long we've been married.


A couples retreat is a great way to get to know each other better. You still remember the happy times you had together. After spending time together remembering and talking about why you got married, you're likely to go home to a happier, closer-knit couple.


Although couples therapy might be helpful, ultimately it is your attitude that will determine whether your marriage is saved or not.


Spend some time away on a couples retreat to discuss and work on issues that affect your relationship. You may recharge your batteries and wash away the stress of daily life by visiting a tranquil location.


Advantages Of taking a delicious healing retreat

You and your spouse may learn and develop as people by engaging in new activities together. Do you remember the early days of your relationship when you and your partner would speak for hours about anything and everything? Taking a vacation together is beneficial to your relationship since it requires you to break out of your typical routines and habits. Asking your significant other for their opinion on something as innocuous as a new meal they ordered, a portrait you saw at an art exhibit, or even the neighbourhood you live in is a great way to demonstrate your continued interest in learning about them, your growth as a couple, and your eagerness to do it all over again.


The spiritual advantages off retreats are many. Even if we don't "do" religion, many of us have a spiritual side that helps us feel grounded, empathic, focused, and conscious of our purpose. Attempting to reacquaint oneself with a dormant portion of one's personality has actual mental and emotional advantages.


Turning off all electronic gadgets and concentrating on indoor activities, even only for the weekend, might help us feel less overwhelmed and more in control of our frantic, adrenaline-fuelled moods. If you've lost touch with what's important in life, going on a couples retreat might help you reconnect and regain your footing.


It's important to remember that a marriage is a holy bond. Since you're reading this, I'm assuming that the person you married is someone you adore. To protect yourself, your marriage, and your spouse, you should give your whole attention and work to patch up any problems. You may find that a couples retreat is the perfect setting to reconnect and rekindle your love for one another.

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