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Widespread Myths About Tantric and the Power Of Tantra

Jennifer Surch, who founded The Academy Of Modern Tantra (AOMT), is a Tantra teacher who learned from an ancient lineage of tantric practices and believes Tantric power comes from having a compassionate mind, letting go of self-imposed limits, and living a spiritual life.

The reduction of artificial limits is an essential aspect that contributes to development.

Myths About Tantra

There are several myths about the origins of tantra, an ancient Buddhist doctrine. This is mostly because so many charlatans sell crazy ideas about the sacred knowledge of love and existence. Numerous self-proclaimed specialists in Tantra reveal worrisome facts. The greatest misconception about tantra is that it is nothing more than sexual gymnastics with a spiritual gloss. People often think tantra is the same as modern drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, which is partially true but not 100 percent correct.

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Another widespread myth is that to study tantra, a student must have a live, in-person teacher. This might have been the situation before the creation of modern technology. On the other hand, modern media make it possible to learn a whole new language and other important skills. People worldwide benefit from online tantra seminars and courses even as you read this. The fact is that there aren't many Tantra practitioners remaining in the world but


Modern Technology and Ancient Tantric Training

AOMT provides online tantric training through three modules intended to be taken in order, they may be taken independently if desired. Each participant will have a live Zoom or FaceTime session with the AOMT before getting the globally recognized certification. In addition to the certificate, AOMT will also give you a hard copy of the guidebook.

At the fourth and final level, you may take your Tantra company to the next level and learn how The Academy of Modern Tantra became a household brand.

Academy of Modern Tantra
Preconceived ideas

People are taught from a young age to have preconceived ideas about themselves, others, and their place in the world. These beliefs may be favourable or negative. In addition to hurting a person's sense of self-worth and confidence, these ideas are often related to religion, social hierarchy, and sexual behavior. This results in pathological retardation of human growth.


Fear is the motivating factor behind all restrictions and restrained actions. The fear of being evaluated by prominent people in one's life, such as a preacher, teachers, or parents, is a common phobia. By following these rules in your thoughts and actions, you may be more likely to get approval from these authorities and your peers.


To take the first step on the tantric path toward empowerment, a person must face and overcome their fears. People's religious upbringing gives them a natural sense of moral duty from a young age. People with this guilt complex have low self-esteem and can't reach their full spiritual, social, and sexual potential.

What difference does Tantra Make?

In actuality, the advantages of Tantra extend beyond satisfying a person's sexual needs. Even though sexual pleasure is an important part of tantric practice, erotic tantra is the result of hard spiritual work. Tantra is difficult to comprehend, and even fewer individuals are ready to deliver it. Those who equate success with sexuality will fail. This mistaken assumption weakens a woman's position as a man's tantric goddess. It refutes the notion that man is a created creature with particular abilities. In Tantra, these two concepts are held in the highest regard.


What is Tantra?

Tantra is a set of practices and teachings based on the idea that every person is a form of the Divine. There is nothing about our physical appearance that should cause us shame. Like the need to eat, breathe, and sleep, the desire to do sexual things is a natural part of being human. To assist his pupils in reaching their full tantric potential, a tantric master must first ensure that they are aware of this truth.


Learners feel empowered as they go from a state of self-doubt and worry to one of self-acceptance and self-confidence. One of the most important parts of tantric power is judging yourself and others without bias. Authenticity is the ability, to be honest with yourself and not believe the lies that our families, communities, and beliefs have taught us to believe. There is a movement occurring toward more developed moral standards.


Within tantric communities, "kundalini awakening" is an often-used expression. Each of us has this spiritual force, but it is kept in check and veiled by our inhibitions and phobias. In other words, the kundalini energy that is meant to flow freely through our chakras is imprisoned. The student's chakras will eventually open with the help of a trained tantric master, letting the kundalini energy flow freely.

Who is Tantra best for ?

It is not true that heterosexual couples who are very sexual, very well-adjusted, and spiritually grounded are the only ones who can learn from and benefit from learning Tantra. AOMT has vast expertise in teaching tantric practices to any individual from any walk of life.  Addicts, and alcoholics in recovery find tantra an amazing tool to assist in creating a life full of hope and promise, as well as those coping with the repercussions of childhood sexual abuse, and may immensely benefit from these recommendations. Couples or individuals of all sexualities and ethnic backgrounds, there are NO LIMITATIONS


A Technique or Science, What is Tantra?

Tantra is not a sexual form of voodoo or dark magic. Tantra is a science and can be learned by anyone who wants more from life than what is available on a spiritual level. It combines spiritual principles with deep physical manifestations. With the help of a trained tantric teacher, you can learn to tap into this source of spiritual and sexual power at any time. If you work hard at it, you might find tantric secrets that have been passed down over the years.


Lastly, stop thinking that this age-old strategy of admiration and survival will compete with your spiritual or religious beliefs or take their place. Hindu Tantra only exists because ancient Hindu gurus practiced and referred to it. People of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, or any other religious or spiritual background can learn and grow with the help of a real Tantra teacher without having to give up their beliefs.

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