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The IIOT offer certified and professional Tantric Massage Practitioner training courses, inclusive of a Life changing program for your clients: Levels 1,2 and 3 and advanced classes privately.


Course Dates & Retreats for full schedule 2020 & 2021

'Learn it, Live it, Love it' 

Work with real people enhancing relationships by adding this new modality to your existing practice.


This program has been practised and taught by Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Tantric Masseuses, Sexologists, Psychologists, Holistic Therapists, Beauticians, Midwives, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Wellness Professionals and many more. 


The IIOT Tantra Levels can be learnt by anyone, it is not only for professional use.  You can book and experience this program on a 121 basis with one of our Tantra Teachers.


Are an inspired individual who wishes to enhance your personal quality of life? 

This is a proven accredited life changing program that will deepen your relationships and introduce you into the world of ecstatic love making.​


Being a Tantra practitioner is one of the most rewarding journeys, as you work with your clients, you will see great transformations take place! Their lives will become happier, more focused and joyful experiences.

 Your job will be making peoples lives happy, your job will no longer be a 'job' it will be a passion that you live for. 

This extensive and fully inclusive Tantra program comes with a 290-page manual for home study and physical 121 hands on course training. 

Once Level 1, 2 and 3 are completed you receive a certificate of attainment, insurance, membership to the International Institute of Tantra with ongoing support.


Once you have worked as an IIOT Practitioner advance to Teacher Trainer
Please email for full details on steps required to advance


This course covers everything you would ever need to know about becoming a Tantric Massage Practitioner:

learn a structured program, that you can teach directly to your clients, following the processes as you were taught.

  •  7 Fundamental Yogic Tantric breaths. 

  • Tantric Yoga Asanas. 

  • Dynamic Body Movements.

  • Tantric Massage.

  • Extensive Chakra Diagnostics and shadow walk.

  • Expanding into Pleasure and Full body Orgasms. 

  • Circulating Sexual Energy: Microcosmic Orbit.

  • Packed with Self-Development Tools that change your life.

  • Entering The Sacred Womb Space

  • Yoni Healing and Honouring

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine

  • How to successfully manifest and use your sexual energy to attract your goals.

  • Understanding the law of the universe and living with a high vibration: attracting good things.

  • The history and linage of Tantra and how Tantric Massage is used.

  • Neuroscience -  the proof of what you are doing.

  •  Spiritual connection, how to Bring Tantra into your life everyday, understanding your relationships and your body.

  • Running a business, advertising, websites, answering the phones, dealing with situations and clients. 

The courses are held once a month in Milton Keynes individually or as groups. The course is also run combined with a retreat. See courses and retreats for more details. 


You can use the tools in this program to become a better lover, and to connect on a deeper level with the people in your life.

It is suitable for singles, couples and professional use.

Life Coaching and Therapy 

We also offer personalised sessions in London and Milton Keynes in NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, counselling and life coaching. 

SKYPE sessions also available please

email to book your SKYPE session now.

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • ​Changing Your Situation

  • Heal a Broken Heart

  • Improving Relationships

  • Anxiety

  • Creativity and Motivation

  • Getting Focused

  • Strengthening skills

  • Clearing Blockages

We work with a solution focused module, accessing your personal creativity. Understanding and connecting with your intuition, Self Empowerment, Self Worth and Self Love.

NLP means Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it offers a new way to process our thoughts and feelings. It can effect how we think about others and ourselves, thus having an impact on the outcome of situations.


Sessions held in London and Milton Keynes.


A Unique Approach

Tantra : NLP : Counselling : Life Coaching

What is NLP ?

NLP is a short term goal-orientated and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving.

Using Tantra the ecstatic way of living in the moment thus unlocking doors of the subconscious, whilst simultaneously using NLP programming techniques can be mind blowing.


These techniques can help with stress management, relationship breakups, anxiety, low self esteem, a broken heart, goal focusing, attracting wealth the list is endless.


Book now if you need change in your life and experience a unique approach combining Tantra NLP, Life Coaching and Counselling.




Past problems can be explored and NLP techniques used to set you on a path towards achieving your goals.

You will experience life-changing processes as you embark on this unique journey.


NLP Therapy is about action; it’s dynamic and energetic, making the changes you want to change happen now.

Lean to establish new patterns of behaviour when dealing with low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns, coping with break ups.

NLP counselling sessions are held in Milton Keynes.

NLP is a short term goal-orientated and practical therapeutic approach to problem solving.

Using Tantra the ecstatic way of living in the moment thus unlocking doors of the subconscious, whilst simultaneously using NLP programming techniques can be mind blowing.


These techniques can help with stress management, relationship breakups, anxiety, low self esteem, a broken heart, goal focusing, attracting wealth the list is endless.


Book now if you need change in your life and experience a unique approach combining Tantra NLP, Life Coaching and Counselling. Personal 121 sessions in Milton Keynes or via SKYPE. 


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Certified Practitioner Tantra Training UK

The International institute of Tantra (IIOT) are pioneers in teaching Sexology and the art of Tantra, Tantric Massage and how it is used to access deeper parts of your being.

You will learn about the power of your own body and how your energy flows, enabling you to harness this creative power and cultivate your sexual energy.

This process gives you the ability to change your life and the lives of others. It is a program designed to open the door to a new path for those that will teach these practices and pass the lineage down as well of those who wish to enjoy this program for their own personal development.




Milton Keynes

Unlock your true potential

IIOT Tantra Massage, Therapy & Sexology 


Certified Professional Tantra Massage Practitioner Training

We offer a layered training for those who wish to achieve a higher level of personal or professional development. 


Certified Tantra Practitioner Training

Contact us now for 1-2-1 private trainings or small groups.

They modules can be broken down into different days / weeks. 


Your investment, these are the same prices you will charge your clients so you will get your investment back in your first client !

  • LEVEL 1 £ 200

  • LEVEL 2 £ 250

  • LEVEL 3 £ 300

       TOTAL £750

All Certifications enable you to IIOT Association Membership & Insurance Cover for your Tantra Practice.

Course Accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists & ASIS .

Book : 

There is no nudity in these courses, you are requested to wear comfortable light clothing. During massage we ask you to keep underwear on.

  • Please bring your own towels for covering your body during the treatments. 

  • Oil will be provided but if you have any allergies or have a preference feel free to bring your own.

  • Bring a bottle of water and snacks

  • Paper and Pen




Alternative dates are possible due to covid-19, below dates are a guide. 

We will hold smaller groups weekly or bi-weekly depending on government guidelines, alternatively online training is available.


  • March 18th Online training for Level 1. Via Zoom

       Cost £200

       click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.



  • March 24th 25th 26th  click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat.

        Full payment by 12th March 2021 

  • April 14th, 15th, 16th  click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat.

        Full payment by 1st April 2021

  • April 19th, 20th, 21st click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat.

       Full payment by 9th April 2021  

  • April 28th, 29th, 30th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat.

       Full payment by 9th April 2021  

  • May 5th, 6th, 7th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat.

       Full payment by 9th April 2021  

  • July 2th, 3th, 4th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750: £200 requested to reserve your seat. 

  • Full payment by June 1st.

Our First large group after Covid with all restrictions finished.
This will be held at 'Place Eight Wellness Centre', a health centre nestled in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, on the outskirts of an idyllic village called Swanbourne.

Lunch is included.


All timings are flexible, we take as long as we need, you will leave this course with complete competency to run your new business

Please note deposits are non-refundable

Get your Accredited Tantra Practitioner Certification in MARBELLA, SPAIN

  • Private small Practitioner Training groups by special arrangement over July & August 2021

  • Practitioner Training 3 levels over  3 days 

  • £900 Course price does not include accommodation or food.

  • Private small groups, workshops, or events for Couples or Women in the Art of Tantra 

      are available by special arrangement, over July, August, September 2021

  • Available by arrangement Email for more information and to book.



  • PLACE : The urban boutique Villa Marbella see 7-day RETREATS

  • PRICE :  to be confirmed: Includes accommodation and food. 

  • Dates : to be confirmed


Email for questions and reservations


The course

Taught in 3 Levels

Includes Full extensive Manual

After Care Support for assistance

Certificate of Attainment

How to run a Tantra business

Websites and Advertising.


Certified Practitioner Teacher Trainer

The World's First Non - Sexual Sacred Sexuality Self Development Tantra Program.


The Levels for personal use : 

If you wish to just experience the levels for your personal growth and development and not train to be a practitioner email to arrange your private Tantra session now.


The IIOT office Australia and more information

Note: If you prefer individual training rather than group training, or you can't do the course dates, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Yoga by the Pool

Course Outline


Tantra Practitioner Training Milton Keynes 

Let your true power explode

Add tantra skills to your current modality, or a new career in something you feel passionate about, Teach Tantra Independently.

Working with women, men or couples in enriching relationships, this course is life changing and personally invaluable!

Here is a short and general outline of the course content; Please email for full course description.

Level 1

Chaka Mandala

Theory: An introduction to Tantra, the Spiritual life path and all that surrounds it. The Class also covers the Neuroscience elements; Which chemicals the body releases, when and why, helping you to learn to drive the car yourself. Your body is a vehicle and if you know how; you can drive it and not let it be in control of driving you. 


You will learn the attunement and how to presence, an integral part of mindful experiences.

Learn a comprehensive understanding on the Chakra System and how to recognise and work through the blockages. You will learn to take a shadow walk through the chakras and gain skills to help your client connect with his/her powers and clear the pathway for energy. This element of the levels is rather like a conscious guidance session, through your training you will become fully equipped to guide your client and hold the space, opening the doorways of their personal achievements, goals and struggles.


Discovering expanded states of bliss through a combination of breathes, yoga postures and a choreographed full body massage.


The basics of sexual energy how to activate and circulate it and channelling your intentions into the universe.

Learn how to successfully manifest and make your dreams your reality

Working with Shakti energy we focus on Yoni Healing, enhancing and expanding into limitless pleasure.

Experience A powerful yoni re-birth and Delve into the Sacred Womb Space, honouring the Sacred Womb’s divine power.


Packed with self-development tools

Shivas learn how to cultivate great presence in every day life, how to embody the potent masculine energy and enhancing pleasure & control.

Your Body is your Temple

Repeating the Attunement from level 1, so you will become comfortable and intuitive with this but following the same structure.

We will delve more into the 7 breaths of Tantra, these breaths are incredibly powerful when practising Tantra.

In this class you cover the above breaths combined with Yoga Asanas. 

Whilst starting the massage you will learn to teach your client each breath and dynamic posture: as you are massaging them.

You will invite the activation of kundalini energy, whilst teaching your client aspects of Tantra. 

We also go over how to guide your client on which breathes to do and when to do them combined with the asanas.

In this level we focus on less verbal teaching more on experiencing, putting the breathe techniques, yoga asanas and massage together.  It is a magical time but also very tutorial.

You will learn how to teach the Taoist theory of cultivating of the seed/source, with the Microcosmic Orbit. 

Teaching how to control the muscles in dynamic yoga postures with locking the Mula bandha, the root lock. This is particularly popular subject for men, as everyone wants to know the secrets of tantric sex! and how the male can make love for extended periods of time.

It teaches men the 3 major areas of lovemaking in Tantra physically, emotionally and spiritually.

All the techniques learnt are used in Tantric Sex so once harnessed they can be applied with your partner for powerful love making and deep connections.

There is a focus on intention setting and channelling the energy for manifestations, using powerful sexual energy and high vibrations. 

Level 2

Tantric Bliss

This class cumulates with you all that you have learnt in levels 1 and 2 and builds onto them.

6 Tantric Yoga Sex positions,  5 Tantric Breath Techniques along and other dynamic movements or postures for energy flow.

The  Asanas help expand pleasure and are essential daily practises for the tantric lover. There are Asanas specific to men for agility, power and prowess along with specific to women; womb yoga and yoni power yoga. These Asanas lead into awakening the Kundalini energy and ecstatic dance.

This session is much quieter, it is where you and your client put together all they have learnt in sessions 1 and 2, utilising the 7 breaths of Tantra and combining with the yoga postures, Into full action.

It is more focused on the energy as you guide your client through the massage, breaths, postures raising sexual energy and circulating it around it will be a very powerful experience.

This Level can also include Variations at the end

Yab-Yum the ultimate meditation Asana or alternatively a transcending Earth Yoni blessing: a beautiful journey honouring the divine feminine.


Packed with practical self- development tools to promote healing on all 4 levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

You  can teach this level exactly as you learn it, alternatively you can expand it incorporating your own mindful skills and gifts.

Level 3

Business School.

Learn how to open your own Tantra business, you can either open your own business or add another modality to your already existing practice.

How to build your own great website: advertising strategies: telephone manor: taking bookings: organisation: forms: Ethics as a teacher: boundaries: client confidentiality: complaints procedures:

Insurance; this Certificate enables you to IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover for Tantra Practice.



Get Qualified Today

The International Institute continues to support and mentor you after you have qualified as a Tantra  Practitioner.
Advance on to being a Teacher Trainer so you can move onto teaching Tantra Practitioners yourself and run your own Branch of  the IIOT .


Tantra, Yoga and Self Development Retreats.

The International Institute of Tantra offers bespoke retreats with taylor made programs.

Rock Balancing


Tantra Teacher Training Marbella

The IIOT offers a number of tailor-made retreats throughout the year.

Get your certification in the luxurious and scenic mountains of Marbella. 

Tantra Practitioner Training Program

This Course is set in the lush hills of Marbella in

'The Urban Boutique Villa' Hotel and Resort. Marbella, Spain

The course will include personal time to discover and enjoy the local cuisine and chiringuitos, restaurants, and bars on the beach.

Enjoy the rays of sun on the beautiful sandy beaches of Marbella in between your training.

The Urban Villa has a swimming pool to relax surrounded by the mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean.

Accredited Certified Tantra Practitioner Training

Change your career into your passion and make a healthy income whilst healing the world with the IIOT.

Bring Joy and Happiness into people's lives and get paid.

PLACE: The Urban Villa Marbella

PRICE:  £. includes accommodation and food. 

Dates : 7 days to be confirmed

Click here to book via Eventbrite



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THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TANTRA is a world phenomenon, a global network of passionate individuals designed to bring all facets of Tantra together using the modern knowledge of neuroscience along with spirituality.

It makes Tantra accessible to the average person in bite size chunks with one-to-one tuition and guidance.

Tantra: Innovate, Enlighten, Exploration

Live Life to the fullest capacity.

This new and innovate bodywork can be incorporated into any massage or bodywork environment.

Tantra and Tantric Massage is where the new meets the old, it entwines spirituality with sensuality and is a source of mystery to many.

Professionally Tantric Massage is a growing industry, be part of the new wave. 



The International School of Tantra

A Global Movement

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