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Best Tantra Retreats for couples with the Academy Of Modern Tantra (AOMT)


When discussing Tantra Retreat, we must emphasize Mindfulness. One of the fundamental pillars of tantra is mindfulness. Let's learn about Mindfulness fundamentals. Mindfulness has four foundations, according to Buddhism:


  • The body

  • The feelings or sensations

  • The mind itself or mind Contemplation

  • Sati or Sentry or Guard who defends the doors to our body


"Maha Satipatthana Sutta" refers to these four foundations in the Sanskrit language. Tantra focuses on all four pillars, especially on the body and the sensations.


Most of the coaching begins with the body. The body can frequently be used more deeply and directly. The body stores memories and experiences. Work on stumbling blocks becomes possible.

Feeling what is beneficial for your womb and what is not is a foundation for fulfilled sexuality. When there is no hardening from the previous injury, the potential of receiving, opening, and embracing through the pelvis can develop. The effectiveness of tantra can be described in two steps:


  • Step 1:


It is about experiencing the body and its energies consciously through physical activities. The energy can be channeled, and the breath can be used to create an opening. Blockages in the body can be worked on through breathing, movement, sound, and touch.


  • Step 2:


It is about consciously feeling the body and its energies through touch while in deep physical relaxation. Being touched makes you curious and without judgment. Your sexual energy and power will be honored during the individual session. Making experiences for yourself can enrich your sexuality with your partner. It's very successful with couples.


Tantric retreats are safe environments where you can learn the ancient art of tantra, experience its healing power, and allow this new knowledge to pervade the rest of your life.


The discovery on your tantric retreat will enable you to confidently explore your sexuality, open your heart, find strength in your vulnerabilities, ask for what you want in life, have a more meaningful sex life, and deepen your relationship with your partner. On one of these retreats, you may also recover from previous traumas, eliminate energy blockages that hinder you from attaining your potential, and perhaps find true love.


You might be astonished by how much better you feel after your first tantric retreat. You will suddenly view the world through new eyes, connect with others around you, and learn to live following your basic principles and beliefs. It's a lot of fun and not just about sex; it also focuses on spiritual development.


This article will focus on Tantra Retreats for Couples, so let's get into the details and broaden our knowledge of tantra.

We are often so preoccupied with work and family obligations, as well as the stresses of modern life, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Going to a Tantra retreat can help you discover new ways to care for each other pushing your boundaries to discover a new side through a range of activities while also providing you with a well-deserved romantic holiday. Participating in a Tantra practice is, in many ways, an educational experience that helps you learn new skills and rebuild your relationship with your partner. You will discover how to relax, rest, and restore your whole sense of well-being. This retreat also allows you to share and connect with people going through similar things. The retreat often lasts several days, usually between a weekend and a full week, and can take place in a range of venues, ranging from cities to tropical islands.

When you choose a Tantra retreat, you will also enjoy nature's splendor in an entirely new way.

Participating in a Couples Tantra Retreat with the Academy Of Modern Tantra (AOMT) in Majorca has numerous advantages, including the capacity to heal yourself more effectively.

The ideal Tantra retreat will allow you to learn how to deepen by combining psychosexual techniques with tantra practices in a variety of ways, such as different postures, breathing, meditation, or meditating while taking in the breathtaking sights. Tantra retreats are frequently structured to give you a progressive introduction to Tantra practice in all possible ways, allowing you to study at your speed and skill level.


You will be led through a series of Kundalini Venus Kriyas, meditations, and tantric heart sessions to increase love, intimacy, and fun in your relationship. You will also learn how to use the powerful ancient practices of Pranayama and Ayurveda to repair and restore your body. Tantra also offers the best Yoga and mindful retreats.


Through a series of activities, you will learn how to restart communication and make it clear and meaningful, a better knowledge of relationship habits and why they exist, how to have a conscious connection, and reconnect emotionally through words, reactions, and touch.

You will learn how to communicate about sex, and to ask for what you want. You will learn how to explore the bliss of the "valleys" as well as the intensity of the "peaks" of sex, techniques of mutual pleasure for greater erotic excitement, and an approach to sex that is infinitely creative and rewarding.


How does it work with Masculine and Feminine Energies?

The retreat mixes masculine and feminine polarities with asanas, mudras, mantras, pranayama, and meditation to generate a powerful psycho-magnetic field through which positively focused energy is brought in to cleanse the subconscious and raise consciousness to higher places through the chakras.


If you think a Tantra retreat is solely for people who already practice Tantra, think again. A Tantra retreat is for everyone interested in learning more about Tantra and refreshing their body, mind, and spirit. Tantra classes are attended by a diverse range of people, mainly couples of all ages.

A Tantra Retreat in Spain for Couples by AOMT and Lottie Passell -Syms

Tantra education is widely available all around the world, yet The Academy Of Modern Tantra stands out from the crowd. The retreat will be held in Tramuntana Flow, a lovely and peaceful location, according to AOMT. It is a tranquil relaxation place that combines the greatest yoga facilities and attractive lodgings. You will enjoy a beautiful mountain range in the surrounding area as well as a beautiful view from the entire property. Majorca is well-known for its kind people, delicious food, and magnificent scenery. This site is often considered one of the most tranquil in the world, making it ideal for learning more about tantra practice.


When you are not studying tantra, you can explore your surroundings, soak in the local culture, and experience an incredible choice of diverse cuisine. You may discover that you enjoy your retreat so much that you plan to return soon.


The idea is to ensure that you are entirely at ease. Tantra enables you to better identify with your inner being. Many people who are introduced to tantra find it to be an excellent approach to practicing meditation and connecting with their spiritual side. A tantra retreat can help you achieve whatever your tantra goals are.


Traveling to a Tantra retreat in Majorca will assist you in making the most of Tantra. A Tantra Couples Retreat with AOMT can teach you something no matter where you are on your path to enlightenment or how experienced you are with Tantra.


Tantra Healing Retreats

Here at the Academy Of Modern Tantra we run a number of opportunities to learn Neo - Tantra and other modalities in the luxury of tropical destinations.

 🔥Women's Embodiment Retreats are run by 'Conscious Earth Retreats' a collaboration between AOMT and Ananda Wellness.


❤️‍🔥 Couples Luxury Retreats are run by 'Love University' a collaboration between AOMT and Lottie Passell Syms World renowned Psychosexual Therapist.

We hold collaborations with many other schools and offer Tantric Yoga & Sacred Sexuality retreats around the globe. 


To keep a breast of our every evolving schedule click here RETREAT SCHEDULE, to see our latest Tantra and Conscious connections retreats.

We invite you to go on a journey with us into the unknown on any one of our mystical retreats around the world.

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