Radiant Women's Embodiment Retreat

Radiant Wild Hearts is a women’s embodiment retreat for women-of-all-ages.

🌸It is an opportunity to reconnect deeply within ourselves, to remind us of a life of pure presence, joy and living through heart coherence and raising our consciousness to support us in the NOW.🌹

👱‍♀️We will embark on a weekend of inner alchemy in deep sisterhood and in pure joy, aligning in complete feminine and masculine balance, releasing and receiving through breathwork and empowering sacred ceremonies, to fully discover and embody our radiant wild heart.


➡️The weekend also includes:

💓 Meditation

💓 Ancient Breathwork Practices

💓 Sisterhood

💓 Tantric Embodiment Practices

💓 Cacao Ceremony

💓 Fire release and empowerment Ceremonies

💓 Journey to Our Inner Feminine Cave for Healing

💓 New Moon Cacao Ceremony

💓 Sound Bath with Gong and Crystal Bowl Healing

💓 Drumming, Chakra toning, Mantras

💓 Divine Feminine Initiation Rites

💓 Sacred Dance

💓 Salt Bowl and Closing Ceremony

 🦁Are you ready to reconnect with your radiant wild heart? Are you ready to step into your authentic power? Are you ready to heal to liberate yourself from the ties that hold you down?


Join us at The Breathing Space, Norfolk 8th – 10th October 2021. 


💴Retreat price is £480 *(includes accommodation, meals, snacks and all workshops).


Spaces are limited, to book please contact 



📮Radiant Wild Hearts is being facilitated by Jennifer Surch Academy of Modern Tantra and Sanita Ellis  Anandha Wellbeing


Spaces are limited, to book please contact or click the button below

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