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Couples Marriage Counselling  Psychosexual Therapy
Relationship Therapy

Couples Counselling

Couples therapy and marriage counselling with Jennifer Surch

Jennifer offers a unique style of therapy that facilitates the evolution and grown of individuals relationships with themselves and each other. Jennifer brings to the table over 2 decades of experience working with couples to restructure and strengthen their relationships. Jen has worked with couples that are in new relationships and wish to give themselves the best start in life adopting boundaries, respect and good communication skills from the gecko,  to those who are at a cross roads where it divorce is the next pitstop.

At certain stages in your life, your romantic relationship may be a cause of stress for you. Your relationship may have deteriorated to the point that you no longer speak to one another. Perhaps you and your fiancé are still relatively young and want to start your marriage off on the right foot. Or maybe a disaster like adultery has wreaked havoc on your union. These are just a few of the numerous reasons why couples decide to attend counselling or therapy together.


Counselling is More than Therapy, it’s Hope!


Your relationship's outlook may appear grim at times. You may be starting to believe there's no hope for your relationship. However, amazing improvements are possible in treatment if both partners are committed to saving the relationship. After couples counselling, some married couples report their relationship is stronger than ever because they are more equipped to handle future conflicts.

Jennifer Surch


Counselling & Psychotherapy


Individual £125

Couples relationship therapy £160

Couples tantra connecting and advanced personalised coaching sessions 

Packages can be arranged with varying prices and levels

Prices are according to amount of bookings and program.

For a 1 day course

4 hours £770

6 hours £990

Personal 121 Somatic Tantra Coaching 

£250 per hour.

Relationship problems

Relationship problems aren't the only ones that can be helped by counselling. It's useful for avoiding issues before they arise. Partners may have open conversations about their thoughts and intentions on significant problems and get constructive criticism from other parties in an objective setting. Some faiths insist on couples going to counseling before they may be married, while some couples prefer it.


There are several places you may turn to for guidance. AOMT is one of the best places for couples counseling and marriage counselling in London. Jennifer Surch offers a somatic and integrative approach and with over 2 decades of experiences brings her wealth of knowledge into facilitating couples to grow their relationships into a place of strength.


A relationship cannot function well without the ability to be intimate with one another. Couples counseling may be in order if you can't recall the last time, you both enjoyed each other's company. A healthy relationship includes both verbal and physical affection. It's time to figure out why you're not getting it.


There's something wrong if you're working overtime to avoid social situations, such as going on dates. This is a choice that you often must make on your own. Is there anything wrong in your marital life that necessitates your seeking out such isolation and avoidance of social situations?


The mere presence of you might trigger strong negative feelings in certain people. You may have no idea why that is. Just being in the same room as the other person could make you feel furious or sad. It is up to you whether you let fear rule your life or not. Inevitably, there will be awkward moments in your marriage or other committed partnership. Overall, however, your connection should be a joyful one.

marriage counselling

Couples in-person Therapy or Zoom Marriage Counselling ?


During the first phase of couples therapy, Jennifer will ask each partner a series of conventional interview questions designed to elicit information about the couple's history together and their backgrounds, upbringings, values, and cultural backgrounds. Initial crisis intervention sessions might be useful for therapists and marital counsellors.


Jennifer will next work closely with the couples to determine which issue is most pressing for them to address in therapy, set appropriate treatment objectives, and map out an overall treatment plan.


During therapy, Jennifer assists the couple in identifying the underlying dynamics at play in the dysfunctional relationships, and in helping each partner take responsibility for their part in those dynamics. They will be able to see the relationship and each other differently due to their newfound understanding of relationship issues and anxiety.


In addition to the need for introspection, changing negative patterns of behaviour is a major goal of couples therapy. Therapists working with couples typically give each member of the couple exercises to do outside of sessions so that they may put into practice the techniques they've learned in therapy.


Most couples who go through in-person therapy sessions come out with improved communication and problem-solving abilities as well as a deeper awareness of their marital patterns.


Marriage counselling via Zoom Therapy


Now we would like to talk about online counselling which is not just changing the way therapists provide couples therapy, but also making couples psychotherapy more widely available and less of a social outcast.


Couples' zoom therapy has several benefits that can't be had with in-person sessions. Firstly, you may talk more freely without being interrupted, opening a world of possibilities for interaction. In the therapy session, couples may communicate more successfully when one has had time to think about what they want to say before telling or texting it to the other.


Each participant could "hear" what their partner has to say rather than immediately reacting to what they say, thanks to the technology. Furthermore, some people discover that writing facilitates the clearer and more genuine expression of their innermost thoughts and feelings than spoken means alone. The couple’s therapists have also discovered that the couple's Zoom therapy structure encourages more fruitful discussions, which speeds up the healing process.


Couples, where one or both members must travel often or have extremely diverse schedules, might also benefit from the zoom couples counselling sessions that can be completed online. Couples who have trouble getting childcare will also benefit immensely from online counselling availability.

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