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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapist

Jennifer Surch Psychosexual Therapist

Founder of the Academy Of Modern Tantra  Psychosexual Therapy with a twist.

Psychosexual Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Jennifer Surch works with couples and individuals offering psychosexual therapy, she is globally renowned and the top London sex therapist and psychosexual therapist working with individuals from all walks of life. 

Jennifer uses a unique combination of Tantra and Psychosexual Therapy to enhance, repair if needed and enrich the lives of her clients bringing happiness to couples and individuals for over 2 decades. 

What is Psychosexual Therapy?

The purpose of psychosexual sex therapy is to help you increase your physical closeness with your partner and overcome or manage any sexual issues you may be experiencing. Psychosexual treatment is intended to make you feel more at ease with having sex.

Psychosexual therapy is the treatment of sexual disorders via specialized counselling or longer-term psychotherapy.

It is a therapy that is delivered verbally rather than by touch, such as massage.

Importantly, psychosexual issues are emotional and/or psychological in nature. They may, however, be caused by or lead to bodily difficulties. This implies that understanding the physical and psychological interaction is essential for understanding psychosexual treatment.

As a result, psychosexual therapy is a highly specialized field that needs a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. All of this must be included in the medical model and implemented in the psychotherapy framework.

Couples Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual therapy is investigating the mind in order to comprehend the physical and emotional elements that might sometimes create sexual problems. It is a short interpretative therapy that explores unconscious ideas and emotions via history and investigation.

Sexual problems might make you feel quite alone. You may feel self-conscious and unwilling to discuss them, whether in an open chat with your spouse or by contacting a professional. The fact is that sexual difficulties are fairly prevalent, and talking about them is the greatest way to address them.

If the problem is harming your relationship, being honest and upfront with your spouse about what's going on is a good starting point. For some, this is sufficient to fix the issue. More assistance is required for others.

Psychosexual therapy may help with this. Sex therapists are certified counsellors, physicians, or other health professionals who have obtained specialized training to assist people with sex-related issues.

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Why do people undergo Psychosexual Therapy?

Many individuals have difficulty having sex at some point in their lives. Some certified professionals and sex therapists, such as Jennifer Surch, can help people resolve their sexual issues. Sexual issues may create a lot of misery and worry for some people. But don't worry; Jennifer Surch is here to welcome you all and give Psychosexual Therapy sessions to help you with your sexual difficulties.


What can psychosexual therapy treat?


Psychosexual therapy may be used to address a variety of typical sexual issues. Psychosexual therapy may assist with a wide range of sexual issues.

Psychosexual Therapy
Sex therapy: What to Expect


Most therapists will schedule an initial consultation with you. This is a time to discuss your needs with your therapist and learn more about how they can assist you. This is also the time to sort out the practicalities, such as how often your sessions will take place, who will attend, and how long the sessions will continue. What occurs throughout the sessions is determined by the reason you are seeking therapy. Sex is often linked to other emotions and interpersonal dynamics; therefore, you may find that some sessions explore themes other than sex.

Your sessions will allow you and your partner (if they join you) to chat about what's going on and figure out what's causing the issue. Outside of your appointment, your therapist will most likely suggest you attempt new exercises.

In subsequent sessions, you may reflect on how well these activities went.

Once you get over your initial fear of talking about sex, you'll be able to find out how sex affects your relationship and what you need to be happy. If sex is vital in your relationship and is producing issues, sex therapy may help you overcome these issues and experience physical connection again.

What happens in a psychosexual therapy session?

Jennifer Surch will listen to your difficulties and assess whether they're medical, psychological,
or both.

You may meet Jennifer the sex therapist alone or with your husband; it may be advantageous
for both of you to attend.

A discussion might help you comprehend your situation. The therapist may assign you and your
spouse assignments and exercises.

Your therapist may prescribe weekly or monthly sessions.

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Preparing for psychosexual treatment

Please make an appointment with Jennifer Surch for psychosexual treatment. Compile a list of sex-related difficulties that you are experiencing and attempt to determine their causes.

Then you will be all set and ready to meet Jennifer Surch the Sex Therapist in London, at the Academy of Modern Tantra (AOMT).

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