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Academy Of Modern Tantra

A Global Healing Movement

Couples Tantra 7 session program

'Radient Unity', Illuminating Love with Tantra

A Couples Tantra Journey

with Jennifer Surch Founder and pioneer of AOMT 

Session 1 Introduction
Duration 2 hours
Cost £610 (£200 Deposit) 
Location : Sessions to be held in Centaur Studios: Hackney, London

⚡️Welcome to session  1 of 7 stages into your Couples Tantra Journey, where we embark on a path of discovery and sensual exploration together.


In this inaugural session, we dive deep into the essence of tantra, particularly Neo Tantra, guiding you through an immersive experience of energy, presence, and conscious sexuality.

🌞Prepare to ignite your senses as we introduce you to the power of breath-work and tantric connection exercises, designed to awaken your inner fire and heighten your awareness.

Through Couples tantric heart-opening ❤️‍🔥 practices and intimate connections, you'll discover a new level of intimacy and connection with your partner.

Together  we dive deep into the mystical realms of your chakra system, unlocking the hidden energy centers within your bodies to unleash waves of pleasure and vitality that will leave you both feeling invigorated and alive.

In this clothed session, we'll explore the art of conscious touch, delving into the subtleties of sensation and intimacy, paving the way for deeper connection and understanding between you and your partner.

We'll also delve into the ancient Taoist wisdom of raising and circulating sexual energy, teaching you the transformative power of transmutation for manifesting your deepest desires.

Learn to lead each other on a juicy 'journey into the senses', a ritual that will be your homework.

And as we explore the intricate landscape of your erotic blueprints – from the sensual to the energetic, the kinky to the sexual, and the shapeshifter – you'll uncover hidden depths of your desires and preferences, paving the way for a journey of self-discovery and pleasure unlike any other.

Get ready to experience bliss, joy, and sacred connection as we work with the energetics to unlock a world of pleasure within your own body.


It's time to ignite your passion and embrace the fullness of your sensual selves. Are you ready to dive in?

You will learn 👇

  • Discover the essence of Neo Tantra and its transformative power in your relationship

  • Mindfulness within Tantra

  • Transformative Meditation

  • Immerse yourselves in breathwork and tantric connection exercises to ignite passion and deepen intimacy

  • Explore heart-opening practices to foster a profound connection with your partner

  • Deepening trust and surrender in intimate connection

  • Embodying the principles of Tantra in everyday life and relationships

  • Cultivating a sense of playfulness and spontaneity in sexual expression

  • Align and awaken your chakra system together to unlock vitality and pleasure

  • Experience the art of conscious touch in a clothed session, delving into the subtleties of sensation and intimacy

  • Learn ancient Taoist techniques for raising and circulating sexual energy for manifestation

  • Uncover your unique erotic blueprints, from sensual to energetic, kinky to sexual, and shapeshifter

  • A guided journey into the senseswakening the dormant senses through sensory exploration and heightened awareness

  • Work with the energetics to unlock pleasure within your body and cultivate bliss, joy, and sacred connection

Who is this for ? 💫

  • All couples, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status, are welcome

  • Perfect for those looking to deepen their connection or reignite the spark in a troubled relationship

  • Also suitable for couples wanting to enhance an already amazing partnership

  • Tailored experience focused on exploring intimacy, connection, and pleasure together

  • Guided journey of love and growth designed to elevate relationships to new heights of bliss and fulfillment

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