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Academy Of Modern Tantra

A Global Healing Movement

Neo - Tantra


The Academy of Tantric offers programs and courses that break the chains of modern society.


We have created a program that envelopes and encompasses the law-of-attraction, Neurolinguistic Programming, Sacred Tantra, Taoist Microcosmic Orbit, Conscious Touch Massage, Working with the Chakra System, Practical Self-Help Tools, Mindfulness, Tantric Yoga, Kundalini, Breathing Techniques, Bioenergetics, Neuroscience, Transcendental Meditation, all into one mind-blowing program, We are a non discriminate community. 

 ‘Healing all the elements Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotion.'

We are a lighthouse of healing for all.

All of the classes, groups, and workshops that we run are a unique entwinement of all of the above and more.

We believe in taking the best parts of everything and putting them together to create awe-inspiring and life-changing packages.


It is our goal to empower and educate our community, there are many gifted individuals in this world yet they are trapped into soul-sucking careers and they do not fulfill their life in any way, they live on a low vibration shackled and governed by the pre-programmed society.

It is our mission to empower these individuals, to give them the help and courage to follow their true path, to live their life on the highest vibration, and most importantly to make this financially viable option.


In theory, it is great to be able to want to do this,  but we also in reality on the monetary level need to be able to survive and not just to survive but to flourish.



The world is in a broken state in these times, there are many people that live life on the low vibration and it seems that one thing after another bad happens to them, this is because they are not living their life on a high frequency as they do not have many tools for coping in their tool kits.


Of course, this is extremely challenging, life is forever sending us curveballs, the reality is life is hard.  It is even harder when you do not have many coping mechanisms. The Academy of Modern Tantric teaches life-changing practical self-help tools, along with the art of raising  energy and channeling this into manifesting your dreams and goals.


All of our courses and workshops dance in the Sacred Art of Tantra passionately but are also entwined with modern-day practical life skills. 


We believe that every person on this planet has a God-given right to experience pleasure and it is an honor for us to be able to give them the tools to tap into that pleasure at any time.


Our bodies are our temple, and they are built the way they are for a reason.  We strive to empower people to learn how to tap into this, and to be able to experience the ecstatic moment whenever they wish to.


Kundalini energy is the greatest natural healer our body possesses, when we raise this  energy, we can cure all kinds of ailments.


We believe in empowering both men, women, and all in between to heal from their past deep wounds and to be able to move forward, creating a framework, a solid foundation, and pathway leading them to the life they deserve.

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