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Academy Of Modern Tantra

A Global Healing Movement

121 Training Courses for Individuals

Working with the Founder of The AOMT  Jennifer Surch​ private and bespoke training programs for individuals & couples.

Module 1 For women to learn on student model Man

Introduction to Tantra Massage

Certification in Level 1 

3/4 Hrs


A tailored package working with your individual wishes and needs will be created for you in one dynamic morning, teaching all you wish to know to enhance your love life. These sessions are unique and profound, you will have a model to work with, be guided and taught by our esteemed founder, a teacher with over 2 decades of practise & Knowledge to share with you. 

You will be required to pay a £150 deposit.

VIP Luxury Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day - Location, Mayfair London

£1800 x 6 Hours 

Luxury Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day is an exclusive, high-end event held in Mayfair, London, offering a comprehensive and personalised tantra experience.


Including lunch, in a luxurious Mayfair studio,

The healthy lunch provided during the Luxury Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day includes a selection of fresh, nutrient-rich dishes made with high-quality ingredients. Participants can expect a variety of seasonal salads, lean protein options, and vibrant, wholesome snacks to nourish the body and mind. Let us know if you have any allergies so we can cater to different dietary preferences and ensure that our guest stay energized and focused throughout the day's events.


Indulge in various practices and techniques to enhance their understanding of tantra and heighten their sensual experiences.

The event will be customised according to the participants' goals and desires, providing an intimate and tailored experience. Throughout the day, attendees will be guided through several tantra-related practices, such as:

  1. Private lessons on tantra and chakras

  2. Techniques for providing an incredible conscious touch massage

  3. Methods for heightening senses and enhancing pleasure for partners

  4. Integrating yogic breaths and postures within the massage

  5. Understanding and practicing the micro cosmic orbit

  6. Transmuting kundalini energy into creative energy

  7. Manifesting desires through tantra practices and more

  8. Advanced tantric techniques

  9. The participant will not only get to learn on a student he will get to experience a 4 handed massage and learn first hand to raise and circulate energy.

Participants will receive expert instruction from Jennifer Surch and Kali, Jennifer and Kali will guide attendees through the various practices, ensuring that each individual receives personalized attention and instruction.

A highlight of the Luxury Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day is the inclusion of a tantric ritual and 4-handed massage, which offers a unique and unparalleled sensory experience.

Overall, the Luxury Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day in Mayfair, London, is an opulent, immersive, and transformative event designed for those looking to expand their understanding of tantra and elevate their sensual experiences in a luxurious setting.

121 Tantra Personalized Program at AOMT for Individuals and Couples

Jennifer Surch, a renowned Tantra Teacher with 24 years of experience under her belt, has guided may couples and individuals over the years from all walks of life. Jennifer works from Milton Keynes & London.

Over the course of more than two decades, Jennifer has taught Tantra in a variety of settings, including workshops, retreats, and private lessons.

Therefore, throughout this time, She was able to obtain valuable, real-world experience and create effective methods for enhancing people's lives.

Jennifer has a passionate interest in the continued evolution and development of the mind, body, spirit wellness.  Jennifer offers 121 couples and singles psychotherapy with tantra sessions to help communicate nonverbally and use a variety of effective tools to break the cycle of fear-based communication.  121 session helps to reconnect couples through counselling and intimacy coaching.


Jennifer also offers counselling, psychotherapy & tantra in London & Milton Keynes.

As you now know, if you and your partner have trouble communicating, your relationship is going to be in trouble.

A loveless marriage rate of 40 percent and a divorce rate of 61 percent indicate that we need more than just discourse to address this problem. So, between "divorce" and "tantra," which do you pick?

You will be liberated from the false beliefs that pervade our contemporary culture about what makes people tick and what makes healthy relationships flourish. Knowing your genuine origins is your true mission in life, and the true meaning of your relationships may replace these myths.

Tantric teachings from antiquity tell us that, although we may have biological minds and occupy physical bodies, our true nature is divine. The material world has forced upon us a set of aims and wants that are more like those of children, and this has served to cloud our sense of divine birth. We are indoctrinated with flawed beliefs and values, as well as a warped sense of who we are, from an early age. When we engage in tantra, we are liberated from the false beliefs that underpin our many inhibitions.

Tantra coaching is a combination of Eastern meditation and tantric practices that provides a psychological perspective to help individuals and couples achieve their desired level of love, intimacy, pleasure, healing, and personal development. While group-level tantric coaching workshops are fun and full of embodied learning. One2one private tantric session with Jennifer can help you immensely with this.

To help individuals and couples with their unique challenges, Jennifer provides private 121 tantric sessions that can be tailored to your exact requirements. Tantric bodywork, tantric massage, and private meditation sessions are tools used in personal coaching sessions to achieve this goal.

Amazing things happen during private tantric sessions. Private meditation sessions, one-on-one bodywork coaching, and conscious touch massages help you deal with may blocked emotions.. Tantric massage and bodywork are great ways for couples to strengthen their bonds. Tantric bodywork is a powerful tool to help singles develop spiritually, resulting in an increased sense of self-love and a more confident approach to dating. Jennifer also works on a 121 basis with women who have suffered abuse & trauma

Maybe your inability to take pleasure in the little things in life extends to your intimate life as well. Or maybe the attitudes and actions of others in your early years caused you to repress your appreciation of contact and being touched. Furthermore, even within the bounds of matrimony, some people's spiritual and religious convictions prevented them from fully experiencing sexual fulfillment.


 Are you prepared to go on a spiritual quest that will revolutionize your life and the way you interact with others? Is it time for you to accept the purpose of your existence and the significance of your relationships by discovering your real essence, your divine nature? How eager are you to let go of your misconceptions and get to the bottom of things? If this sounds like you, it's time to meet Jennifer at AOMT.

 Multiple options exist for locating an ideal setting for tantric exercises. 121 tantra session is specifically designed to meet your requirements. Practicing tantra should only be attempted with someone you have complete faith in, so it's crucial to learn as much as you can about the practice before deciding where to go.

You may meet Jennifer in person at Milton Keynes, or you can join online using tools like Zoom. If you'd like to come in person or connect virtually, it is suggestible that you schedule an appointment so that AOMT can cater to your specific requirements.



Looking for couples courses, or private coaching click here⬇️

Module 1 For Single Men to learn on a student model

Introduction to Tantra Massage

Certification in Level 1 

3/4 Hrs


A private tailored package working with you on an individual basis with your goals and needs in mind.

We will provide a partner for your to learn with in all cases.

Drop us an email to book your session in and find out more

You will be asked to pay £150 deposit for your booking, click the button below.

unlock your true potential and be part of the new wave of Practitioners and Healers that work towards a shared goal of global healing. 

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