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Learning Tantra

Learn Tantra in London

Are You Learning Real Tantra?

You, like many curious minds in the modern world, have probably heard about the tantric practices' miraculous ability to cure and alter its practitioners. This science of life and love was developed and refined by ancient Indian sages, and it continues to heal relationships and provide access to higher dimensions of consciousness to individuals today. When taught by a genuine Tantra master, people can reach their highest potential in terms of both their spiritual and sexual lives.


The tantric teachings are not available to the audience at large since they are passed down from one generation of real tantric sages to the next. But there is no shortage of con artists who count on people being stupid and trusting them. To make a quick cash, they teach a phony version of tantra that purportedly reveals several "sexual secrets" .Online prostitution is sometimes presented as "tantra goddess" "services" on several websites.

People who have used services like these previously will immediately see that something is wrong. Sexual acrobatics are only one aspect of Tantra. Anyone claiming to teach tantra who doesn't emphasize the importance of teaching students core spiritual values and classical yoga practices is clearly not doing so in good faith. Learning tantra quickly is not possible. Yes, the ancient tantric tradition needs to be updated for modern sensibilities and lifestyles. While this does necessitate abandoning some semblance of traditional discipline, a genuine Tantra instructor will not be without access to the fundamentals of Tantric practice.

Learn real Tantra

A modern tantra master's challenge is to help the students reap the rewards of this ancient practice despite their hectic lifestyles. Tantric arts students in the past sometimes spent many years immersed in the practice before becoming proficient. The modern student of tantra must fit their classes in between work and family commitments. But you may still find out how to improve your sexual performance and deepen your relationships by using tantric energy. If the tantra instructor is competent and has the pupils' commitment, then yes.

The internet is a great place to study tantra. The proliferation of the Internet has made it possible for a Tantra masters to instruct their students from afar. While it may be trendy to take a tantra course online right now, the student should still make sure that the course is a good fit for their personal and spiritual growth. You shouldn't put your faith in a tantric master whose
main goal in life is to satisfy your baser urges.

Tantra Goddess

Keep in mind that the true meaning of the term "goddess of tantra" is reverence for the divine feminine, and that your tantric teacher should teach you how to increase your kundalini energy, help you revitalize your chakras, and instill respect for the divine feminine if you choose to learn tantra online. The reason you may have sought out a tantra instructor in the first place was likely the desire to increase the passion in your romantic partnership. But you also need to be open to taking a spiritual journey.

How to Find a Genuine Tantra Teacher?

Tantra Teacher

You have likely already done some preliminary research on local tantra instructors if you are interested in private sessions or couple's courses. There is no lack of purported tantra instructors who will offer to elevate your sexual life to new heights. How do you choose which bundle best suits your needs? The difficulty of this endeavor may be overstated at first glance. In any case, here are some suggestions for picking a genuine tantra instructor.

Be wary of tantra teachers who promise nothing more than improved sexual performance and fulfillment. Customers who only identify tantra with sex are easy prey for these "experts".  Although sexuality is a central theme and topic of ancient tantric teachings, one must first engage in certain religious rites to reach the level of tantric sex. As opposed to popular belief,
Tantra is not a supplement to your spiritual life but rather a way of life in and of itself. There is no use in learning from a tantric master who can't lead his disciples along this road. The film "The Guru" a hilarious parody of fake "tantra experts", comes highly recommended.

Try questioning a tantra instructor about the origins of his/her wisdom. Only by following in the footsteps of a continuous line of tantric masters can one hope to gain access to the true depths of tantra. Sacred sexuality's inner workings have not been publicly shared. Tantra is a branch of Indian esoteric knowledge that goes back to Vedic times. Unfortunately, many Western
universities started providing tantric studies as the "pop tantra" fad swept the globe. Typically, the native Indian scripts are not covered in these courses. You should look at the tantric master's training and experience before hiring them.

Tantra Teacher

Test the authenticity of this strategy. Feelings towards a tantric teacher should not be discounted, especially if you are unfamiliar with the practice. The tantric instructor's services must be suitable to your needs for you to accept them. If you're a serious student of tantra, you'll want to learn about the discipline's most profound spiritual teachings. You'll want to be taught in a methodical, scientific way because you'll realize there aren't any fast cuts to this kind of information. You shouldn't bother with this instructor if you get the impression that he's solely interested in catering to the needs of the more sensationalist students. Find out whether they specialize in couple's tantra or if they just provide private sessions.

Consult a personal recommendation from someone you know well. A pleased customer is the gold standard of evaluation. Maybe you know someone who has previously taken tantra classes with an expert. It's reasonable to assume that you should follow the directions given if that other person is content with them. Learn which other tantric gurus he/she contacted before
making a choice. By doing so, you may narrow down the seemingly endless list of possibilities.

The Best Tantra Teacher in UK

Tantra Teacher

Here is my recommendation for you if you don’t want to spend your time in looking for a venue and a genuine Tantra instructor in London and Milton Keynes, UK.

In her 24 years as a tantra instructor at the Academy Of Modern Tantra (AOMT), award-winner Jennifer Surch has helped many artists, healers, and other "practitioners" develop and share their unique gifts with the world.

Over the course of twenty years, Jennifer Surch has taught tantra in several settings, including workshops, retreats for couples and individuals, and one-on-one sessions. During this time, we learn from the world at large and refine methods that have been shown to increase people's happiness and well-being.

Jennifer is profoundly devoted to promoting ecological and spiritual well-being on a global scale. Jennifer began her job as a counselor when she was in her 20s because she had always been interested in psychology and wanted to aid people. Over the past two decades, medical research has delved into the neurology of what makes people tick, and this tendency has
broadened to embrace a greater spectrum of holistic therapies.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit here and book a Tantra Course with Jennifer Surch at AOMT today……….

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