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Tantra Courses

Tantra Courses & Retreats

Courses & Retreats

Tantra Courses and Retreats in London and Milton Keynes

The Academy Of Modern Tantra offers a wider variety of Tantra Courses, Holistic Courses and Retreats, in the UK and Globally, click the orange button above to see our wide variety of courses offered. 

Answering the question " What is Tantra? " from those who are genuinely curious. Tantra, like Zen, Tao, and Buddhism, is a means to enlightenment, we might say. The common misconception that tantra is sexual yoga is due to the stubbornness of many contemporary students who insist on a cerebral explanation, no matter how incomplete.

The Sanskrit origins of tantra are emphasized in the definition given of this practice in our preferred textbook. Expansion and freedom are represented by the prefixes tan and tra, respectively. Tantra, therefore, may be seen as a path to freedom by enlargement. Though lyrical in nature, I find it to be way too
cerebral. Tantra is not something that happens in one's head. Not even in that awkward space between your legs!


Diverse Tantric Practises.


When compared to a tree, Tantra has the depth and wisdom of a seasoned old tree. These include Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Kashmiri Buddhism, Shaivism, Taoism, Kundalini, left-handedness, ipsalu, quodoshka, shamanic, sexual magic, and many more. Similar to yoga, Tantra is not a religion. It's all-inclusive, including every possible aspect of the human condition. Tantra is adaptable, meeting individuals where they are and providing them with means of growth. Tantra has a wide range of practices to meet the demands of a wide variety of individuals.

Tantric Colors


There are three subtypes of Tantra: white, pink, and red.


White Tantra, as opposed to black tantra, which emphasizes sexual contact, emphasizes more delicate practices and beliefs. Methods that do not involve physical touch with another human being may be used to cultivate sensual energy.


Pink Tantra (or purple, in certain situations) combines spiritual and sensual elements. This is a way of life in which one's heart is free to open, and healing love is actively pursued.


Numerous sexually ardent rituals may be found within the realm of Red Tantra. Red has always been associated with femininity, power, passion, and sex. The sexually repressed may find freedom on this voyage, while the sexually obsessive may be captivated.

Spells of Desire


Sexual vitality is best saved for self-improvement rather than monetary gain. The 'Shamanic Method of Sexual Magic'* is a practice whereby the healing, pleasurable, and God-realizing potential of one's sexual life is cultivated. This method is secure and based on the heart, while yet being non-dualistic and allowing for the enjoyment of material and sensuous pleasures without condemnation.


What is Somatic Healing?


Somatic experience may help heal trauma and PTSD. Somatic experiential treatment focuses on the patient's sensed bodily sensations.


Somatic experiential treatment emphasizes the body. Like traditional psychotherapy, it involves face-to-face appointments. This approach gives faster results than standard therapy. One to six sessions may be enough.


The patient must maintain a sensory journal. We have a "felt sense" of emotion when we first have an encounter. Keeping a diary of sensory experiences can help the client comprehend painful emotions. The client understands how post-traumatic muscular tension affects their rehabilitation. The body responds because it needs to survive.


What Are Chakras?


Chakras channel the body's essential energy, as described by their Sanskrit name, "wheel." Let's continue talking about the human body. Chakras are energy centers that resemble spinning wheels. Chakras govern the flow of chi by opening channels. These energy centers, or chakras, work properly when exposed to the right light and music. Aligning the chakras with nature's creation and people's role in nature is crucial to healing.


The seven chakras are energy centers throughout the body. The red root chakra is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is also known as kundalini. As seen in orange, the spleen chakra is located right below the umbilical cord. Since the chakras may only awaken via meditation, balancing them demands it. The second chakra, which regulates sexual capabilities, may cause guilt.


The solar plexus chakra is important for physical strength and emotional stability. When the heart chakra (the fourth chakra) is green, soul compassion may be lacking. This smiley represents free spiritual expression via relation with the throat chakra (blue). Indigo, the hue linked with the sixth chakra, the third eye, brings attention to the forehead.


The crown chakra, connected with purple, acts as a doorway to celestial places. When a chakra gets energy and is boosted by color, light, and music, a physical manifestation develops. "Prana" describes the ethereal energy in these awareness areas. The chakras absorb prana and make it vibrate. When prana merges with awareness, balance chakras calm.

Somatic healing

How can Tantra Retreats help you?


It's tempting to put our personal needs last among career and family duties. Attending a tantra retreat may be a great way to spend quality time together, discover new ways to care for each other, and find new interests in exciting activities. The tantric practice may help you learn new skills and repair relationships. You may learn to relax and recharge. This retreat is a terrific place to meet others who understand your problems. The retreat may last a weekend to a week and be conducted in a city or on an island.


A tantric retreat will change your perspective.

The Academy of Modern Tantra (AOMT) provides several courses, seminars, and retreats in various locations across the globe. Examples include:


  • Tantra Embodiment (Includes Practitioner Training)

  • Learn Orgasmic Energy Massage

  • Sacred Embodiment Somatic Tantra (Includes Practitioner Training)

  • Certified Kundalini Massage Program

  • Holistic Retreat – Integrated Embodiment & Serenity

  • The Relationship Intimacy & Retreat for Couples with the Love University in Majorca

  • Conscious Earth Women’s Embodiment Retreat

  • Tantric Yoga & Kundalini Massage Certified Program

  • Soul Fire Retreat in Brazil


    Book any of the Tantra courses and step into the world of freedom. In an ideal tantric retreat, you'll learn how to strengthen your practice by merging psychosexual techniques with tantric activities like adjusting your posture, breathing, or meditation. Many tantra retreats let you learn at your own speed and depth.


    Kundalini Venus Kriyas, meditations, and tantric heart sessions will enhance your connection and provide pleasure and desire to your love. Pranayama and Ayurveda, ancient healing practices, are also explored. Tantra's yoga and meditation ashrams are among the best.


    A series of activities will show you how to re-boot your communication so it's clear and meaningful, how to dive deeper into relationship patterns, and how to re-establish emotional connection via your words, feelings, and touch.


    Master honest sex dialogues to obtain what you desire.

    This training teaches mutual pleasure tactics for greater sensory stimulation and a pleasant attitude toward sex.

    Tantra practice is the path of life that generates might, magic, and divinity. It's everything we do that helps us feel more divine.

    Tantra Retreats
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