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Academy Of Modern Tantra

A Global Healing Movement

121 Training Courses

Couples Soulmate Training with Jennifer Surch Founder and pioneer of AOMT 


‘Tantra allows 2 lovers to become 2 soulmates’  Osho

 ✨Each course will be tailored to your exact needs & wishes, below is a rough guide, just a tiny window in the lushes of endless pleasure journeys that one can embark on in ‘lover2soulmates’


Certifications in  ‘Lover 2 Soulmate’ Level 1


Price: £950

Duration: 4 Hrs

Learn how to incorporate Tantra into your lives on a practical level, experience a deeper connection, a raw authentic intimacy.

Learn Tantra together, evolving along a beautiful life path of twists and turns as you discover new depths of love, passion and connection with your beloved.

Have the best sex life you can imagine with your partner as you perform intimate honouring rituals on each other.  Peeling away the layers and touch each others soul as you learn new ways to communicate.


'Improve your love life, communication and deepen your connection with your partner through learning the sacred art of tantra together, a life long journey.'


Sexuality | Sensuality | Spirituality


4/5 hrs 

Couples Tantra –  Advanced ‘Lover 2 Soulmate’

Level 2


📝Advanced can only be entered when level 1 is completed.


Moving onto more advanced Tantra, entering the realms of beyond. Working with the polarities of masculine and feminine and balancing the polarities within us.

Learn beautiful rituals to perform on one another. Activate and work to raise each others Kundalini energy, harnessing and circulating this powerful energy.  

Practising Taoist Tantra and the microcosmic orbit.

Learn Yab-Yum Meditations aligning the chakras and connecting in all ways, energetically and physically.

Each program is completely unique and tailored to your goals, the possibilities are endless you will be given a free telephone consultation first to ensure the program is tailored to your needs.

Level 3 £1500

Moving into the more advanced levels you will cover things like Tantric Yogic Sex & exotic tantric rituals, bespoke and tailor made package. 


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