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What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?


Tantra is the esoteric Hindu and Buddhist tradition that emerged in India in the middle of the first millennium CE. Tantra also refers to any structured, broadly applicable "text, theory, system, method, instrument, skill, or practice" in Indian traditions. Neo-Tantra derives from this origin, but as it has evolved in the west, intertwines many other modalities, ancient skills, wisdoms and traditions.


Tantra is a discipline that brings awareness to our energy body and links us to our creative energy. A constant river flows through us, and we may use it to fill all facets of our existence. Let's dig a little more into this idea. Ancient yogis described the energy that flows through us as 'Kundalini' or 'vital force.' This energy surrounds us from the minute we are born till we leave this world. It is naturally creative since it creates life! The act of conceiving a kid is innovative in and of itself. Without this life-giving force, none of us would be here reading this essay.

Sexual energy is thus the energy of the life force. And through tantric practice, we learn how to access our life force, sexual stamina, the essence of life, to fulfill every aspect of ourselves.


The energy of the sex life force has two dimensions:


  • The first dimension is the creative spark that motivates and sustains us throughout our lives.


  • The second dimension is the pleasure inherent in sexual energy.

​Tantra is a compound of two verbs, tan and tra. The verb tan has two sets of meanings. The first is “to expand, to grow, to expound, to give meaning.” Tan also means “to weave, to intertwine, to integrate, to connect, to breathe newness into the old, to pull the present out of the past and give it a meaningful future.” Tra means with a tool, Tra is a tool.

What is Sexual Energy?

What occurs when sexual energy is restricted or suppressed? We lose contact with our creative selves. This has been happening for millennia: the shame, blaming and wronging of sexuality, which has resulted in a detachment from the vital energy within us.


Today, we see the effects of this concealment in the dissolution of our relationships, as seen in some religions or the #MeToo movement. When sexual energy is suppressed, it manifests in negative ways, such as sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. People are instructed from a young age, "Don't get into your sexual energy. Don't touch yourself. It is suggestible to wait until you're married." 


The truth is that your sexual energy has always been available to you since birth. We might feel incredibly at ease as babies and youngsters. A simple game, or even a mild breeze on your skin, can be relaxing. All of this is considered in the spectrum of sexual energy and feeling. However, very few people have grown up in a culture that promotes sexual energy as a healthy, beautiful expression of self. Most people do not understand how to have a healthy relationship with their sex life energy.

Some times you find clarity in what you want to commit your life to, and what you came to this world to do, after you get access to your creative energy. Some people find they had previously pursued various other occupations, but didn't find your true calling until they did the work, healed their sexual scars and broke free. 


Kundalini Energy

We can use our kundalini life-force energy to connect and heal our body, heart, and soul once it has been released. Then we can channel this life-giving energy into our physical and energetic bodies and our daily activities.


Everyday commitments and obligations can leave us physically, psychologically, and emotionally drained and stressed.

In such a situation, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that we are all-powerful, all-capable beings with enormous potential. We lose trust and joy as we become distant from a deeper component of ourselves. The radiance and awe of being alive have faded significantly.

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