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Academy of Modern Tantra

About the Founder of the ACADEMY OF MODERN TANTRA


Jennifer Surch an award-winning Tantra Teacher holds 24 years of dancing in the realms of Tantra and beyond, she has helped many talented gifted individuals cultivate and channel their gifts into being able to pass them on to others as a ‘practitioner’.



Jennifer Surch has taught Tantra in workshop environments, retreats to couples and individuals on a one-to-one and a group basis, for over two decades.  



Thus In these years gaining hands-on, real-life practical experience and developing proven techniques for improving the quality of people's lives.


Jennifer is very passionate about global healing, helping to heal the souls that walk the planet on this plane and environmentally. For those that share this passion, she encourages them to purchase this book written by one of her great mentors and friends Bernadette Valley.


Jennifer started her journey in her 20s as a counselor as she always had a passion for understanding the mind and an urge to help people.  This evolved into the wider branches of many holistic therapies and as medical science evolved over the last 20 years into the neuroscience of what makes us tick.

When Jennifer was younger she went on many workshops with all the known Tantra schools and was trained by and worked with many of the Uk’s great teachers.

To mention a few Jennifer trained with Kris Dev North in the Taoist Sacred Arts  & Shiatsu, The School of Awakening with Sarita, John Hawkins the Path of Tantra.

 Kavida Rei twice author, as her personal mentor and friend they are still close for over 20 years now (Kavida is now retired)

Bernadette Valley. Jennifer studied in the Kingston Goddess Temple the Sacred Arts, Kriya yoga, breathing classes and long priestess trainings for women.

Bernadette author, teacher and enviromentalist

Some facts about Jennifer

Jennifer is an active supporter of the wider tantra community in the UK and has been a very well-known face in the Tantra scene for over 20 years.

Jennifer was an active member of the tantra teacher’s community meetings coordinated in Wiltshire by the Transcendence team for many years, the original Association of Tantra Practitioners.

It was from these meetings that the idea for the London Festival of Tantra arose and was supported by her organization. The AOTP was the foundation idea of which ASIS Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists was born.


Jennifer also trained with Transcendence, Jason of gaytantra, Jahnet,


Jennifer was a member of Shada and attended the Meetings and was part of the Sexual Freedom Coalition. The London Tantric Temple won an award from the SFC Awards in 2008 held by the Sexual Freedom Coalition.


Jennifer also foundered the International Institute of Tantra UK in 2008 and has now rebranded and merged this into the ACADEMY OF MODERN TANTRA.

A note from Jennifer

‘I extend an invitation out to all and everyone that has an interest and passion in learning to cultivate their gifts and wisdoms to attend the AOMT courses.

I implore you do not let fear hold you back, trust your gut instinct and follow your path. I believe strongly and am an advocate of the law of attraction and living life on a higher vibration. All our courses within the Academy of Modern Tantra are cultivated around working to bring people’s lives into a higher-level vibration, thus making their life's happier. Work with me in this life long challenge to bring healing into this broken world. The world needs you. Become part of something bigger, a global community, a new wave of Tantric practitioners that bring groundbreaking and infinitely profound healing modalities into the mainstream to be accessible to everyone’

Private Coaching With Jennifer Surch, Founder of AOMT

Tantra : Heart Centred Counselling : Life Coaching : Meditation


Bespoke packages are available.


Milton Keynes 4 Hrs  £1200

London 4 Hrs £1450



Milton Keynes 4 Hrs £1600

London 4 Hrs £1800