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Healing Massage

Healing Massage at the Academy of Modern Tantra


Massage therapy has been practiced for over two millennia and has helped cure many souls from ancient times. Body massage therapy has evolved as an indulgence and a healing technique that has found a place in today's environment. 


Modern medical and alternative medicine have identified massage's various benefits, which offer a variety of traditional techniques such as Swedish, Thai, deep tissue massage, reflexology, and, most importantly, the Tantric Healing Massage at the Academy of Modern Tantra.

The Advantages of a Healing Massage

Massage is a manual release therapy that uses manipulation methods on muscles and tissue to reduce tension and pain. Massage, as we know it now, is one of the most extensively utilized and effective therapies for improving health and promoting healing. Massage treatment can be excellent for acute pain, tight muscles, and scarring after an injury. As a result, this healing type of manual therapy may also help someone recover from an accident. Today, we'll go over the advantages of massage for healing an injury. Also, massage promotes healing by mobilizing connective tissues, increasing blood flow, and providing oxygen and critical nutrients to damaged tissue.


A body massage might assist in relieving stress caused by your weight. A postural strain like this is common among desk workers and telemarketers who spend their entire day sitting behind a desk. Tight muscular kneading strokes can soften tissues and improve blood circulation. The lactic acid that causes muscle pain gradually dissolves into the blood, causing the pain to fade. Gentle circular strokes paired with healing massage oils can also aid in the relief of arthritic joint pain. The soft touch of the body brings reassurance and sympathy to the sick. Therapeutic body massage is one of the holistic treatments found in cancer patients' palliative and supportive care.

Healing Massage
Why go for a Healing Massage?

The steady flow of zen Lines energy in traditional Thai Massage has shown extraordinary results in patients' sleep troubles. In nervous and depressed patients, body massage therapy has been demonstrated to restore the sleep cycle to normal. Swedish Massage has been thoroughly researched, and the results show a transient increase in total serum lymphocytes and white blood cells (WBC) after 45 minutes. This process strengthens a person's immune system against invading viruses and bacteria, making patients less susceptible to these diseases. According to a study, daily head and neck massage can significantly reduce the incidence and intensity of stress and migraine headaches. Athletes with tight muscles can benefit from sports and deep tissue massage, improving their physical performance.


At the Academy of Modern Tantra, we teach Tantric healing massage that links the spiritual with the physical and can assist the patient in various ways. Tantric massages are designed to help the receiver to come to know their own body, learn to enjoy pleasure, and relax. Tantric Massage, as opposed to standard massage, is significantly more intimate and erotic and entails massaging regions that are off-limits during traditional sessions. Its main goal is to remove all obstacles and blockages that prevent a person from enjoying the touch and intimate pleasure. If an orgasm occurs during the session, this is also welcome and perfectly acceptable; however, the main goal is to remove all obstacles and blockages that prevent a person from enjoying the touch and intimate pleasure, aside from the obvious advantages of increased circulation and relaxation. 

Why Tantric Massage is Different from others?

Traditional massages frequently produce nothing more than bodily relaxation. Tantric Massage is built on a different foundation, and sessions may contain more spiritual elements like body worship, tantric rituals, breathing exercises, and baths.

Therapeutic tantric massage could be used to improve couples' sexual relationships by teaching them not just how to massage each other but also how to include it in foreplay and intimate experiences. It is also perfect for men and women who have sexual difficulties that are not caused by a physical ailment, and sexual therapies such as sensual massages have proven to be highly effective.


Men are also likely to benefit significantly from healing tantric massage, as they are traditionally reluctant to fully relax in the hands of their partners or professional therapists. Still, once they learn to accept pleasure and enjoy touch and caress, they can reach levels in their intimate lives they never thought possible.


Therapeutic tantric massage can take various shapes and variants, and some massage establishments offer treatments for men and women, men and women, and couples. Massages are a terrific opportunity for teams to bond and relax while sharing a fantastic experience. Therapeutic tantric massage differs from Swedish (Western) massage in the intensity of the strokes. Here, the strokes and touches are mild and delicate and are not designed to affect the muscles but to open the recipient's soul and mind. Healing tantric massage also works on the seven life centers' chakras to produce a higher state of consciousness, wholeness, and well-being.


Until today, millions of people worldwide have benefited from the wonders of body massage therapy. It provided them with a relaxing way to relieve stress, relax muscles and relieve chronic pain. According to most authors, Tantrism has existed for more than 5,000 years and includes a few religious and spiritual traditions united around a single principle. Even if you don't follow these principles or don't have the time to study the tremendous tantric practices and beliefs, you can still benefit tremendously at the Academy of Modern Tantra's Healing Tantric Massage!

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