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Somatic Healing

Somatic Healing 

Somatic refers to the Greek word soma, which means "body." Somatic healing therapies are part of the mind-body therapy spectrum, primarily referring to therapies that function from the bottom up.

As a result, somatic healing treatments are also known as body-mind therapies. Body-mind treatments employ healing techniques that interact with the body to access and transform feelings, ideas, and behaviors. These interventions deal with the body's wisdom and each client's particular resources.


Somatic Healing is a type of treatment that entails deep breathing, relaxation techniques, and meditation. Dance, exercise, yoga, voice work, and bodywork like "massage or physical therapy" are some physical methods that may utilize in conjunction with bodily therapy. Each of these we can use to alleviate symptoms. 


The body and its physical experiences are the centers of somatic experiential therapy. It is accomplished through personal encounters, just like regular psychotherapy. However, standard treatment takes less time to obtain the same outcomes. In other circumstances, one to six sessions are all that is required. Somatic Healing also helps the client become more aware of physical components that linger in the body after trauma, such as body tightness, known as the survival reaction.

Somatic Healing Therapy

Somatic Healing is very effective for people who have suffered from lifelong trauma and dysregulation. It enables people to reset their neurological systems and keep them from being constantly thrown into disarray when traumatic memories are evoked. Somatic healing also facilitates the alignment of our values and behaviors. It promotes depth and the ability to experience ourselves, others, and the world around us. Somatic therapy works on heals all the elements of our being that we need to be fully recovered. 


Total body/mind/spirit awareness is required as we connect emotional and physical to our awareness with a cognitive understanding.


Somatic Healing Therapies

At the Academy of Modern Tantra, we provide training courses in Somatic Healing Therapies for people needing relief from a traumatic experience. We can assist people suffering from various mental illnesses, including addiction, grief, despair, stress, and anxiety. We can also help people heal from prior abuse and anyone battling sexual dysfunction and relationship issues. Somatic techniques are utilized to engage the mind-body-brain-behavior relationship. The Academy of Modern Tantra has a team of highly gifted and somatically educated therapists to work with individual, nervous systems and offer more a unique path to those brave enough to search outside the box.

Stress is described as "the inability of the complex and dynamical autonomous nervous system to recover to normal functionality," according to Somatic Healing.


 Our experience has been different. Clients understood and appreciated a more comprehensive approach. Before beginning therapy, clients unfamiliar with Somatic Healing should complete a psycho-educational piece. When they describe occurrences, we inform clients that we will ask them about what is going on in their bodies as an example of a bodily sensation. We often use the example of entering a party and seeing someone we don't like. That experience can cause us to feel a pit in our stomach. 


Alternatively, we may suffer shoulder strain. In any case, there are examples of bodily sensations. We explain that we will ask questions regarding how you feel in your body. We could try out a gesture. When people are grieving, they frequently hang their heads. It can be beneficial to examine a repeated motion while talking about something. Explaining what to expect from a therapy session is often critical to having clients feel they can reply to our inquiries and feel comfortable during the session. All types of clients react effectively to somatic therapy if comfort and understanding are included in the session.  

Somatic Healing with the Academy Of Modern Tantra

The Academy of Modern Tantra thinks people respond well to Somatic therapies because we allow them to go beyond the story and address core issues comprehensively and efficiently.

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