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Discover the ancient art of Tantra and create a soul-enriching practise that transforms your clients lives

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Academy of Modern Tantra Review

Dr. Marta

Words just don’t make justice to describe all of the emotions, feelings, realizations, aha moments and wisdom that I found over these last 3 days.

I can certainly say that taking this course has been like turning a corner; my life before Tantra and my life after Tantra. 

I had attended other Tantra classes before but the group, the people, the care and love and all the dedication put into this were just out of the ordinary.

5 stars

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Academy of Modern Tantra Review 2


Amazing course, professional supportive tutors. It was an experience that has helped me greatly on the start of my tantric learning journey.


I would recommend these courses they delivered far beyond my expectations.

Academy of Modern Tantra Review 3


Academy of Modern Tantra has definitely impacted my life in a very positive way. I didn't know what to expect when I booked my training course but I have to say it has been an amazing experience.


Jen is professional, knowledgeable and comes with a lot of experience in the field of spirituality, meditation, spiritual coaching. Definitely one of the best investment I made on my self-development journey.

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About The Course

Whatever your level or experience, our 3 Day Practitioner Training course provides you with practical self-development tools, rituals and exercises for you to start your Tantra journey.

Learn the essential Tantric techniques of Earth, Wind and Fire and discover the secrets behind:

💕 Lovemaking
💎 Chakra, Energy & Breath
💖 Male & Female pleasure
... and so much more 🙌

You can teach everything precisely as you study it or incorporate it into your practice (we help you do so!)

Click here to see the full breakdown of what each day consists of.

Elevate Your Tantra. Enrich Your Soul. 

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30+ Hours

Of learning the Tantric methods through practical study, workshops and partner work

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Access to the exclusive Academy community, Weekly QnA's & full online library



Live session with Head Practitioner Jennifer Surch to further your Tantric journey


Global accreditation and access to our team for help, guidance and support

Just starting Tantra? Brushing up on your knowledge? Want to learn advanced techniques? This is perfect for you.

Meet Your Instructor 👋

Hi, I'm Jennifer - an award-winning Tantra Teacher with over 24 years of dancing in the realms of Tantra and beyond.

I created this Academy to help bring the beautiful art of Tantra to a modern society and strongly believe in helping people to live life on a higher vibration filled with love, connection and a deeper understanding of the self.

If you want to speak to me before booking a course, you can schedule a call with me by clicking here!

Do not let fear hold you back, trust your gut instinct and follow your path. See you soon! Jen x

Jennifer Surch - Founder

Jennifer Surch

Head Instructor & Founder

"Jennifer has created a beautiful school which unites ordinary people in one purpose" - Atka, Feb 2022

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