Accredited Tantra Training Course

15% OFF 1-3 modules
£637.50 instead of £750 

Offer valid until 2/8/2021

Each 3 Modules should be completed in order but can be taken independently. Each one will have lives on Zoom or Facetime with the AOMT, before the presentation of the worldwide accredited certificate.
The full manual will be sent in the mail along with the certificate, a copy can be emailed also.
1st Module £200: 2nd Module £250: 3rd Module £300
4th Module £100 Business Module optional live.
Special Introductory offer 10% OFF 1-3 individual modules

Tantra Training Module 1

⏳ Course Length: 1h 43m

📕Receive Your Manual a Book For Life

🎥 1 Hour Live

✅ Manifesting exercises

✅ Tantric grounding & connecting exercises

✅ Discover the power of tantric massage

✅ Understand how to utilise the Law of Attraction

✅ Absorb the connection between neuroscience

& Tantra

✅ Rebuild your courage and heal trauma

✅ Learn about the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

✅ Deep dive into Chakras & their benefits in your life

✅Diving deep into the Sacred Womb Space & Hara


Tantra Training Module 2

⏳ Course Length: 1h 07m

📕 Receive Your Manual a Book For Life

🎥 1 Hour Live

✅ Connect with your sexual energy & circulate it

✅ Develop the ability to deal with challenges

✅ Learn Tantric Techniques

✅ Create long-term joy and wellbeing

✅ Secrets on how to be calm in chaotic


✅ Raise your vibration and connect with the universe

✅ Learn the Big Draw

✅ Understand your body on a deeper level

I✅ Micro Cosmic Orbit Taoist Techniques

Tantra Practioner Module 3

⏳ Course Length: 1h 32m

📕Receive Your Manual a Book For Life

🎥 1 Hour Live

🤩 Invite to the Tantra community

✅ Advanced Tantric Connecting Exercises

✅ Raising Sexual Energy through Tantric Yoga

✅ Advanced Kundalini Shaking & Ecstatic Dance

✅ Advanced Cobra Breath

✅ Learn techniques to become a better lover

✅Mindful Techniques

✅Tantric Massage

✅ Advanced work with the microcosmic orbit

✅ Discover the secrets of Pranayama

✅ Realise the power of Kundalini

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