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Sun, 08 Sept



Tantric Yoga, Pranayama, Chakras, Mindset

Embark on a transformative journey into Tantra yoga, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Explore the profound science of Tantra, unlocking inner energies to elevate your spiritual evolution. Through breath-work, yoga poses, mantra chanting, and chakra work, delve deep into your being.

Tantric Yoga, Pranayama, Chakras, Mindset
Tantric Yoga, Pranayama, Chakras, Mindset

Time & Location

08 Sept 2024, 12:00 – 17:00

Southampton, Southampton, UK

About the event

Get your Tantric Yoga Accredited Certification with this one day course:

Accredited with the International Institute of Holistic Therapists. (IIOHT)

An incredible journey of expansion, this day will be held in a studio or out in nature if the weather is agreeable to this, touch wood 🪵 !

Location: Southampton

Time: 12pm - 5pm Sunday 8th September

Cost: £85

About : 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️

Tantra yoga infuses traditional yoga practices with profound insights from tantra knowledge and techniques.

✨ Understanding the essence of tantra is crucial before delving into tantric yoga, as it harnesses inner energies and cosmic forces for spiritual evolution.

This ancient science expands consciousness, offering a deeper understanding of life and facilitating profound personal and spiritual growth.

Unlike conventional yoga, tantric yoga emphasizes energy work and utilizes the physical body as a gateway to higher states of awareness.

Through various yogic and meditative practices, it fosters a deep connection with one's being and enables a comprehensive exploration of the self.

In this delicious tantric yoga workshop, I hasten to add, weather permitting, we will nestle ourselves amidst the serene embrace of the woods, where the ancient energy of the trees 🌳 and the vibrant vitality of nature serve as our guiding companions. 

There, amidst the rustling leaves 🍃 the earthy scents, we will align our practice with the elemental forces surrounding us.

If it is not permitting we will be on a cosy yoga studio.

🌱Grounding earth poses connect us with the sturdy presence of the trees  🗣  Pranayama exercises draw inspiration from the gentle caress of the wind

🏞️ Mantras echo in harmony with the flowing streams nearby

🌌 Transcendental meditation opens us to the boundless expanse of the sky above.

☸️ As we delve into chakra work, we harmonize with the subtle energies of the forest, embracing the transformative power of nature to deepen our spiritual connection and illuminate our path of self-discovery.

Our Kundalini Activating Tantric Yoga day encompasses:

✨ Pranayama

✨ Yoga poses

✨ Mantras

✨ Transcendental Meditation

✨ Understanding and working with the Chakra system.

✨ Harmonising Energy Flow

✨ Positive Mindset and clarity

✨ Inner Joy

✨ Integration with nature and the elements (weather permitting)

✨ Kundalini energy & life force


  • Super Early Bird £50

    This ticket expires April 12th, and this price will no longer be available.

    +£1.25 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Early Bird £75

    Sale ends: 31 May, 17:00
    +£1.88 service fee
  • Ticket Tantric Yoga

    Sale ends: 07 Sept, 17:00
    +£2.13 service fee



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