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Worldwide Accredited AOMT
Tantra Body Worker | Healer | Meditation | Yoga |Somatic Healer

Hoxton, London



☣️ I am a spiritual, genuine and super chilled Australian who has been living in London for the past 2 years. 

📓I will be leaving very soon to embark on an 8-month trip around Europe to explore, meet amazing like-minded people, create some magic and have priceless experiences. 


☣️ Currently during the last couple of years, I have been enjoying exploring the world of sexual energy and embracing all that I have learned. It has been a profound and unique experience that has helped me so much on a personal level. 


I have learnt that sexual energy should not be hidden. It should be embraced. I have been on a personal journey of discovery; I love meditation and yoga and incorporate these into my daily routine.

 I started a meditation and mindfulness qualification with a view of on completion of the course, sharing with others and helping guide them into their full potential. 


'We all have the power within us to create magic, the world is at our fingertips and it's our playground. '


I have recently explored the world of tantra and trained with the Academy of Modern Tantra to become a tantric practitioner. 


Everything that I have been doing has been working myself up to this moment and really aligns with each other, which is really exciting. 


I look forward to helping people to love themselves unconditionally. 


I enjoy holding space for both males and females, in a loving and nurturing way to unlock their desires and sexual energy, to find themselves and unlock their full potential. 


I grew up in a Catholic, Lebanese family and was taught to disconnect from my yoni and my body. I now love talking about sex.... you can't take me anywhere haha. 


I want to help you to connect to your body in a loving way. 


In the next few years, I will open my own retreat centre with workshops & retreats centred around meditation, yoga, tantra and sex coaching.

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