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Sat, 06 Jul


256 Hackney Road

Level 1 Certification: Breath-work, Trauma Release, Boundaries & Consent - Omnibreath

Join us as we practise powerful breath techniques like the 'Omni-Breath', work on understanding & releasing trauma. Learn a superpower in boundaries & consent. (This workshop is for all, either self-development OR part of the Tantra Somatic Bioenergetic Practitioner Training)

Level 1 Certification: Breath-work, Trauma Release, Boundaries & Consent - Omnibreath
Level 1 Certification: Breath-work, Trauma Release, Boundaries & Consent - Omnibreath

Time & Location

Last available date

06 Jul 2024, 11:00 – 16:00

256 Hackney Road , Hackney, London, UK

About the event

🏅Get your globally recognised certification in Omni-Life, accredited by the 

International Institute of Holistic Therapists & International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. 

Level 1 : 3 modules |  this is Module 1 👇, Module 2 is Kundalini Massage & Module 3 Conscious Touch Massage, Chakras, Crystal Healing & Essential Oils 

Level 2 : Integration of Spirituality into Sacred Sexuality

level 3 : Oceanic Massage

Course Details

Cost : £95

Time: 11am - 4pm

Location : London

We are thrilled to invite you to a life-changing experience where we will explore the power of mindset and breath to help you achieve your goals.

👉 During this workshop, you will learn how to transform your mindset and unlock your true potential.

👉 You will discover how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back, and how to create a positive and empowering mindset that fuels your success.

🏅 One of the highlights of this workshop is the OmniLife breath, an award-winning powerful breath.

This powerful breathwork technique that can help you release stress, improve focus, and cultivate a sense of peace and wellbeing.

✨ This breathwork technique has been shown and proven to have a profound impact on physical, emotional, and mental health, and has helped countless individuals transform their lives.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing as we explore the profound intersection of breathwork, trauma healing, boundaries, and concentration. In this immersive workshop, participants will delve into the depths of their inner landscape, uncovering the keys to unlocking healing, resilience, and authentic connection within themselves and their relationships.

Workshop Outline:👇

Cultivating Concentration and Presence

  • The Power of Concentration: Discover the      transformative potential of concentration in deepening intimacy,      connection, and presence within relationships.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Engage in      mindfulness meditation and concentration exercises designed to quiet the      mind, anchor awareness in the present moment, and deepen connection with      oneself and others.
  • Embodied Presence: Explore somatic      awareness practices and embodiment exercises to cultivate a sense of      groundedness, authenticity, and attunement in your interactions with      others.

Breathwork and Trauma Healing

  • Introduction to Breathwork: Explore the      transformative power of conscious breathing techniques in promoting      relaxation, emotional release, and trauma healing.
  • Understanding Trauma: Gain insights into      the effects of trauma on the body, mind, and spirit, and learn how      breathwork can serve as a potent tool for healing and integration.
  • Embodied Practices: Learn the all-encompassing      powerful Omni breath, to release stored tension, trauma, and emotional      blockages, fostering greater resilience and emotional well-being.

Setting Healthy Boundaries with Consent

  • Cultivating Boundaries: Explore the      importance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in fostering      mutual respect, trust, and emotional safety within relationships.
  • Understanding Consent: Dive into the      concept of consent as a cornerstone of healthy relationships, and learn      practical strategies for communicating boundaries with clarity and      compassion.
  • Boundary Exploration: Participate in      boundary-setting exercises and role-playing scenarios to deepen your      understanding of personal boundaries and enhance your communication      skills.

Integration and Reflection

  • Integration Practices: Reflect on your      journey of healing and growth, and integrate the insights and practices      explored throughout the workshop series.
  • Visioning the Future: Envision the future      of your relationships from a place of empowerment and possibility, and set      intentions for deepening connection, intimacy, and mutual fulfillment.
  • Closing Ritual

➡️ Led by Jennifer Surch founder of the AOMT,  renowned life coach, tantra teacher & breathwork facilitator.

This workshop will provide you with practical tools and strategies that you can implement in your daily life to achieve your goals, overcome challenges, and live your best life.

Whether you are seeking personal growth, career success, or greater happiness and fulfilment, this workshop is designed to help you take the first step towards realizing your full potential.

We invite you to join us on this journey of transformation and growth.

Cost £95

Location : Hammersmith London


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