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Jason Wakefield

Worldwide Accredited AOMT
Co- facilitator

Tantra Practitioner | Tantra Teacher | Bioenergetic Somatic Tantra Practitioner |Reiki Master Teacher | Holistic Wellness Coaching - Therapy- Counselling | Training, Events, Skincare & Beauty Mediator | Conflict Resolution 

London, United Kingdom


Jason Wakefield

I am previously from a very corporate background in the Education, Management and Financial sector.  In my spare time I was an Elite athlete, High Performance National Coach and Personal Trainer.  But 10 years ago my life started changing as I became less materialistic and more interested in the mysterious non physical world and energies, that lays behind the physical curtain we see in our normal every day life.


My Story

My journey has given me beautiful insights, growth and gifts, so I am blessed with the healing energies to restore the health of my patients and improve their lives through alternative integrated holistic treatments. I have over 10 years of experience and my journey has helped me pivot and navigate major events in my life like, bereavement, divorce, debt, redundancy, family conflict, sports injuries and other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life-changing events. 


So with this journey, it has become my passion to learn about different healing modalities. So I am mainly a dedicated Holistic Therapist & Coach, but I often use or recommend other alternative western and natural methods for ongoing treatment. My ultimate goal is to provide my clients with the tools to self-heal, but also to teach my patients a positive, healthier approach to take charge of their own holistic health. Get in touch to find out what I can offer you, or even if part of my journey resonates with you I would love to hear from you to connect.

I am qualified or have experience in the following areas which is my "Holistic Toolbox":


REIKI Master/Teacher (Energy healing), Counselling, Meditation & Mindfullness, Yoga, Life coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Spiritual coaching & Counselling, Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies (heart opening plant medicine), Chakra balancing, Sound & Crystal therapy, Somatic Bioenergetic Tantric Healing, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Professional massage, Hopi Ear candling, Indian Head, Hot & Cold stone massage, Cupping, Warm bamboo massage, Oracle Card reading and Mediation for Conflict Resolution.


Southampton, England UK


HOLISTIC J – Jason Wakefield


Bioenergetic Somatic Tantric Practitioner

REIKI Master Teacher

Holistic Wellness - Coaching, Therapy, Counselling, Training, Events, Skincare & Beauty

Mediator - Conflict Resolution


IPHM Worldwide & UK REIKI Federation Accreditation

Fully insured and ICO registered


Milton Keynes, England, Uk


main +44203773 8374

Whattsapp +4407494129575

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