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Sian Collister

Homeopathic Healer, Cranial Therapist & Tantra Bodyworker

East Herts, Hertford

Homeopathy Healer & AOMT Tantra Practitioner; Sian Collister LCHE Bsc Hons, Mare Cease Cert, AOMT 

Sian is a Fully Qualified Tantra Practitioner, she offers the Academy of Tantra Levels 1,2 & 3. During the sessions, you will be lead on a personal journey of discovery into Tantra through Healing Massage, Breath, and Movement.

Sian also has a wide range of holistic therapies that include, Homeopathy for Autism and Vaccine Injury recovery for children. Sian has also worked in the refugee camps with women, children and families where there is severe trauma.

Phone 07913229385


Milton Keynes, England, Uk


main +44203773 8374

Whattsapp +4407494129575

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