Tantra Teacher Training 

Tantra Teacher Training for women

Tantra Teacher Training
Module 1

Requirements To be eligible to take this course:


You need to

have completed the 3 day Tantra Massage

Practitioner course first.

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Dates for Module 1 

📆 25th - 29th April 2022

📆13th - 17th June

⏳ 10 Days 10:30 - 5:30

🗣This is broken into 2 modules

➡️1st Module is a 5 day Block week,

➡️2nd Module is more flexible 1/2 online 1/2 in person

➡️Co-facilitate at least 2, three day Tantra Massage

➡️Courses with the academy, real experiences of

running courses with real people. 

➡️Complete 10 case studies

📍Milton Keynes


Day 1

Embracing Feminine Leadership skills

✅I choose to be seen

✅ Working with the Shadow side

Awakening and embracing liberation, Power &

Our Sexuality

Stripping away the layers

Powerful Orgasmic Energy Waves

Unconditional Love

My body, My Pleasure

Day 2

History & theology of Shakti Tantra

Chakra System deep dive

Tantra Massage Conscious Touch

Deep Healing & Balancing techniques & experiences

Somatic Healing

Energy Massage

Tantra & Nutrition

Day 3

I walk the path of beauty

Awakening Kundalini Energy

How to explode with pleasure

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Your Tantric Tool Kit

Day 4

Learning the art of transcendental meditation

Anchoring new emotions to trauma, re framing.

Death & Re-Birth

Entering the 7 Gates of Sacred Shakti Womb

Space Ritual


Day 5

Tantra Breathes & Connections

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine, yin & yang

Tantra & working with Polarities

Balancing Rituals

Role Play

Earth Day or World Environment Day concept. Save our Planet and forest, restore and protec
young woman in yoga meditation outdoor shot in front old rock wall with autumn leaves.jpg

Tantra Training Module 2

Second Module

👯‍♀️In person

✅Create your own Tantra Massage session, journey, pleasure mapping

To be assessed, give and receive feedback.


👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Attracting Abundance,

✅Financial acumen

✅Manifesting  & Removing blocks

✅being sensible in business, working hard.


👯‍♀️In person

✅Delving deep into sexual healing

✅Creation & Healing Sacred Womb space.

✅Creation & Healing the wand of light & Velvet flower

✅Tao-Tantra practises


👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Design a transformative workshop

✅Running the workshop supported


 ​👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Time management, structuring, creativity flow.

Record keeping

✅Accounting, limited company & sole trader



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Tantra Teacher Training

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