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Tantra Teacher Training 

Tantra Teacher Training for women

Tantra Teacher Training
Module 1

Requirements To be eligible to take this course:


You need to

have completed the 3 day Tantra Massage

Practitioner course first.

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📆 tbc please email us

⏳ 10 Days 10:30 - 5:30

🗣This is broken into 2 modules

➡️ 1st Module is a 5 day Block week,

➡️ 2nd Module is more flexible 1/2 online 1/2 in person

➡️ Co-facilitate at least 2, three day Tantra Massage

➡️ Courses with the academy, real experiences of

running courses with real people. 

➡️ Complete 10 case studies

📍Milton Keynes


Day 1

Embracing Leadership skills

✅I choose to be seen

✅ Working with the Shadow side

Awakening and embracing liberation & power

Stripping away the layers

Powerful Orgasmic Energy Waves

Unconditional Love

My body, My Pleasure

Day 2

History & theology of Tantra

Chakra System deep dive

Tantra Massage Conscious Touch

Deep Healing & Balancing techniques & experiences

Somatic Healing

Energy Massage

Tantra & Nutrition

Day 3

I walk the path of radiance

Awakening Kundalini Energy

How to explode with pleasure

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Your Tantric Tool Kit

Day 4

Learning the art of transcendental meditation

Anchoring new emotions to trauma, re framing.

Death & Re-Birth 

Entering the 7 Gates of Sacred Shakti Womb

Space Ritual

✅ Working with Masculine Energy

Day 5

Tantra Breathes & Connections

Balancing the Masculine & Feminine, yin & yang

Tantra & working with Polarities

Balancing Rituals

Role Play

Earth Day or World Environment Day concept. Save our Planet and forest, restore and protec

Tantra Training Module 2

Second Module

👯‍♀️In person

✅Create your own Tantra Massage session, journey, pleasure mapping

To be assessed, give and receive feedback.


👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Attracting Abundance,

✅Financial acumen

✅Manifesting  & Removing blocks

✅being sensible in business, working hard.


👯‍♀️In person

✅Delving deep into healing

✅Creation & Healing Sacred Womb space.

✅Creation & Healing the wand of light & Velvet flower

✅Tao-Tantra practises


👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Design a transformative workshop

✅Running the workshop supported


 ​👯‍♀️In person or 📹online

✅Time management, structuring, creativity flow.

Record keeping

✅Accounting, limited company & sole trader



💥Options to work with the Academy.💥

Tantra Teacher Training

💥Do you wish to get Worldwide Accredited training? 💥

The academy of Modern Tantra offers a unique opportunity for Professional Tantra Training to become a WORLD-CLASS  Tantra Teacher ☣️

Access the key to unlocking a beautiful path of ever evolving mystery and discovery.

📱+447494129575 or 📧

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